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Selling internationally just got easier

Cross Border Trade enables your business to trade online with millions of Canada, UK and NZ Afterpay Group shoppers.

Increase business growth potential

Cross Border Trade has the power to help you drive customer adoption and incremental sales for your business.

Access our international customers

Millennials and Gen-Z are the force driving change in global shopping habits. And they are shopping across borders.

Make international trade easy

We settle with you in your local currency and customer repayment risk is managed by our local Afterpay entity.

How it works

An Afterpay Group customer shops your product and selects to check out with their local Afterpay entity account.

The consumer sees a clear breakdown of the product payment plan in their local currency (unlike debit and credit cards!).

The customer pays for your product with their local Afterpay entity account at check-out in their local currency.

Afterpay Australia pays your business the full amount of the purchase minus the merchant fee in your local currency.

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What is Cross-Border Trade?

Cross Border Trade, allows you, the merchant to trade online with Afterpay Group shoppers in Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

How do you determine what a customer pays?

The Foreign Exchange conversion happens on the customer side of the transaction in their local currency. The customer is provided with the breakdown of the payment plan into 4 instalments through their local Afterpay entity account. This is done transparently at the time of purchase (unlike debit and credit cards)

How is the exchange rate determined?

The exchange rate will change regularly to reflect the currency fluctuations in the foreign exchange market. Our local Afterpay entity uses a retail exchange rate for converting what the retailer charges for the goods into what the customer would pay in their local currency.  

Will my business have to pay an FX fee?

No set-up fees, transaction fees or foreign exchange commissions are applied to the exchange rate prior to performing the conversion.

A small incremental cross border transaction fee will apply as set out in our agreement with you.

When does my business get paid?

Afterpay Australia pays you the full amount of the product in your local currency in line with your existing agreement. You will be able to see which transactions were settled each day (if any) by checking within your settlement report on the Afterpay Merchant Portal.

Where will the customer see the updated price of the product?

The exchange rate used to determine what the customer pays for their purchase will be shown to them on the payment screen prior to the customer confirming they wish to proceed with the purchase.

How do Returns work?

The same way they do for a domestic transaction. The Foreign Exchange and customer repayment risk is managed on the customer side through our local Afterpay entity. You refund the consumer in your local currency and the local Afterpay entity returns funds to the consumer in their local currency at the rate set during the transaction.

What is Afterpay’s relationship to Clearpay?

Clearpay is part of the Afterpay global family and provides buy now, pay later services in the United Kingdom. Customers will see a reference to Clearpay when checking out in the UK as part of the purchase flow. You, as the merchant, continue to only have a relationship with Afterpay Australia. 

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