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You can now shop selected international brands that are based in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada with Afterpay NZ


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Shopping overseas with Afterpay.



How long will it take for my order to ship?

Refer to the retailers specifc international delivery information on their website.


What are the shipping costs for my order & can I return my purchase?

Refer to the retailers specifc international delivery information on their website. The shipping costs will typically be shown at check-out when you are placing your order.


Will I be charged additonal custom duties and taxes on my order?

Like any international purchase, taxes may apply when your shopping arrives in Australia. Refer to the AU Customs website for their policies.


How does the currency conversion work on my order?

You will automatically see your payment schedule in $AUD currency. No guessing what your order will cost after you make the purchase.

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Did you know? Afterpay is called Clearpay in the UK

Same company, different name, so you will see Clearpay when checking out with Afterpay AU the UK. Don’t worry the whole experience is just the same as shopping with Afterpay AU at home.