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Pay for your purchases over four simple instalments

Pay for your purchase over four equal instalments, due every two weeks. Afterpay makes it simple to pay when it suits you best.

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Pay nothing extra when you pay on time

If you make repayments on time, you’ll only ever pay the price of the item you’ve purchased. The only fees Afterpay charges are late fees for missed payments.

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No new card applications, instant approval online

Forget about long, complicated application forms. Afterpay’s proprietary platform makes it quick and easy to get approved instantly and keep shopping.

How it works
Shop in-store.

1.  Get the App, Find an In-store retailer. 

2.  Visit the store and generate a barcode. 

3.  Scan the barcode when it's time to pay.

How it works
Shop online.

1.  Browse your favorite stores.

2.  Choose Afterpay as your payment method. 

3.  Instantly create your account and complete your purchase.

It's even easier to Afterpay it with the App!

View and manage orders, get your In-store barcode and find all the stores offering Afterpay.

Explore and be inspired by Afterpay's retailers.
Are you a retailer?
Add Afterpay to your checkout.

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