Headline article image How Afterpay Can Help Your Business Increase AOV

How Afterpay Can Help Your Business Increase AOV

How do you get your customers to buy more?

From our experience, it’s about giving them more options to pay and shop responsibly. That’s why the most successful e-commerce sites offer a multitude of payment options, including buy now, pay later (BNPL). These businesses give their customers the instant gratification they so desire, and the ability to split their payments into interest-free installments when they pay on time.

With Afterpay, retailers get immediate results and see a 40% increase in AOV.

Adding Afterpay encourages customers to make a purchase and to add items to their baskets. For Carhartt—some of whose customers (young tradesmen who are just getting started in life) don’t always have the money to make a purchase right away—a BNPL option like Afterpay has been a game changer.

“Afterpay helps us make our products more accessible to our customers, which is very important to us”

- Anna Cole, Director of Global D2C Digital Platforms

Further, there’s a strong correlation between instant financing approvals and a lift in AOV. With an approval decision of under 15 seconds, Afterpay customers know upfront how much products—particularly large-ticket items—will cost when split in 4 installments. Shoppers know exactly how much they’ll pay without any hidden fees or surprises, which empowers them to add more to their shopping carts.

By offering customers the ability to split their payments in 4, interest-free payments, Afterpay is enabling shoppers to spend more responsibly and budget accordingly. This helps drive their purchase decision by increasing their ability to afford more, which in turn allows them to buy more.

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