Headline article image Introducing Afterpay Ads: Helping Brands Reach, Acquire, and Activate More Customers

Introducing Afterpay Ads: Helping Brands Reach, Acquire, and Activate More Customers

Merchants have a new opportunity to reach high-value shoppers with the debut of Afterpay Ads, a new suite of advertising products.

With Afterpay Ads, brands are able to place featured ads directly within the Afterpay app to reach high-intent, loyal shoppers. 

These powerful new advertising options are built for brands focused on growing their base of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers. 

“Our merchant partners already rely on Afterpay as one of their most valuable channels to acquire and reach the next generation of shoppers,” said Mark Teperson, Chief Strategy Officer at Afterpay. “Afterpay Ads unleash the power of our ecosystem by giving brands a new way to promote products, collections and offers to Afterpay’s highly engaged young audience of shoppers.”

The Afterpay platform is a robust marketing engine for many merchants, generating an average one million referrals per day globally from the Shop Directory. Around 55 percent of those referrals come from the Afterpay app, which is a Top 10 shopping app in the Apple App Store, and has a conversion rate double that of other BNPL apps. 

Getting started with Afterpay Ads is easy: Merchants choose the products they want to promote via sponsored listing formats, including deals, products, and collections. Brand marquee placements provide a prominent way to get noticed, while sponsored deals and collections provide a boost to shoppable items. Because Afterpay Ads works on a pay-for-performance model, brands pay only when shoppers engage with their ad. Advertisers also get access to deeper insights via Afterpay iQ, an analytics dashboard which enables brands to optimize their spend based on performance. 

Early results are promising, with advertisers showing a 20 percent average lift in sales when promoting their products within the Afterpay app. To learn more about how Afterpay Ads can boost traffic and increase sales for your business, visit our website. 


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