Headline article image Give Your Customers More Flexibility with New Afterpay Features

Give Your Customers More Flexibility with New Afterpay Features

Last month’s Afterpay Day saw the release of two new features for Afterpay customers, both designed to give shoppers even greater freedom and flexibility. 

Now, Afterpay’s millions of customers have visibility into their estimated spend limits, as well as the option to reschedule their payments. Here’s a bit more about each feature and what it means for our retail partners.

Estimated spend limits

Each Afterpay user’s spend limit is unique--just like their shopping habits. By providing users with additional visibility into these factors and how they affect spend limits, your shoppers will have a better overall understanding of their spending history and habits. 

Rescheduling payments

To reschedule the due date of a payment, customers only need to select the order they want to change the date on via the Afterpay mobile app or website, and select the new payment date. Only one payment can be changed per order, and remember, this doesn’t affect when our merchant partners get paid. The option simply gives greater flexibility to your customers, allowing them to shop with you on their terms and their time.

We believe that the more your customers know about how they shop and spend, the more responsible they will be--and providing them with those tools can make them even more loyal to your brand. 

To learn more about these features or to join our growing community of retail partners, reach out to our sales team at [email protected].


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