Headline article image Why Amika Chose Afterpay Over The Competition

Why Amika Chose Afterpay Over The Competition

Amika is a Brooklyn-based company that makes professional styling tools and award-winning hair care products, like the Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner High Tide Deep Waver—a hot tool that’s beloved by beauty editors for its ability to create flawless, crease-free beach waves. But before the accolades from beauty insiders, the brand understood there was room for opportunity to tap into a new audience: beauty-minded value shoppers.

The challenge? Building direct relationships with online shoppers and reimagining their brand in the e-commerce space after solely distributing products through salons, brick and mortars, and independent stylists.

In 2018, they dove deeper into studying their customers’ shopping preferences and encountered the idea of buy now, pay later. At first glance, they thought that the service would only be valuable to brands with higher retail price points in fashion and apparel.

However, as Afterpay’s merchant partnerships with established and growing beauty brands gained momentum, amika started to take notice. They realized that Afterpay’s shoppers were also the shoppers they wanted to reach.

Afterpay’s Appeal: Existing Partnerships

“We looked at who Afterpay already had as partners—and we were convinced that you were dominating in the Beauty space,” said Robbi Webb, amika’s Sr. Director of E-commerce. “Afterpay had partnered with so many other notable brands, and that showed us that you were someone we could trust. Also, many of the brands in your Shop Directory are those that our customers were likely shopping with already or might like to shop with, so it made sense to align with Afterpay.”

Simple Integration

“Afterpay’s promise of launching in just under three days and having a seamless integration with our existing e-commerce platform was what eventually won us over—and Afterpay delivered,” said Hannah Coffman, amika’s Sr. E-commerce Manager

Additionally, Afterpay enabled amika’s customers to increase their basket size and spend more on premium hair care products and professional-grade tools. “Some of our hot tools are $300 a piece. Afterpay helped our customers get over that high price point barrier, which was a game changer for us—and for them,” confirmed Coffman.

Success by the Numbers


  • Afterpay has opened up a new segment of amika’s customer base to increase conversion by 18% compared to the regular checkout flow

30 minutes

  • How long it took amika to implement Afterpay once they had the content to launch


  • Increase in average order value (AOV) with Afterpay

“Although we knew we were going to see some increase in our AOV, we were not expecting a 66% increase across all other payment types, nor were we expecting to see 10% of our customers utilizing the service in the first month!” said Webb.

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