Headline article image “Afterpay has been a game-changer for us.”

“Afterpay has been a game-changer for us.”

The Afterpay Advantage:

  • Afterpay has helped Milk & Honey significantly expand its client base.

  • Afterpay encourages clients to access higher-value treatments.

  • Afterpay increases product sales.

  • Afterpay encourages advance bookings and reduces cancellations.

Central Coast hair salon Milk & Honey learned firsthand just how Afterpay can fuel growth.

When Danielle Cohen first took over Milk & Honey Hair and Beauty, a salon on NSW’s Central Coast, her most popular services were the most “basic” cuts and treatments on offer.  

Fast forward seven years and her clientele is spending much more – something Cohen credits to Afterpay.

“We [implemented] Afterpay about five years ago, to give clients more freedom,” she says. “We wanted to bring in services that cost a little bit more. Being able to offer our clients payment plans helped us move in that direction.”

Since then, the salon has significantly expanded, jumping from servicing 40 clients per week to between 80 and 120 today. Six hair stations have more than doubled to 14, and Cohen employs a team of eight.

“Afterpay’s been a bit of a game-changer for us,” says Cohen. “It’s definitely contributed to our growth and success.”

About Milk & Honey.

Cohen and her mother, Belinda, bought Milk & Honey in 2015, with the aim of transforming the existing salon into something more special and sumptuous. Together, they renovated the space, which is located in the bustling regional centre of Gosford, and introduced plush leather chairs and glamorous styling touches.

The light and bright interiors serve more than just an aesthetic purpose – they help create a feel-good experience for the client. “We want our clients to come into a beautiful place where they can get away,” says Cohen. “We offer a boutique experience with a thorough consult, the best products – from L'Oréal and Kérastase – and wine and cheese platters.”

Afterpay encourages clients to access higher-value treatments.

Afterpay helps continue Milk & Honey’s smooth service all the way to the checkout. 

“We always quote our clients the full price for their appointment before we start,” notes Cohen. “But if they’re unsure about the price and we mention that we have Afterpay, they’ll often say, ‘That’s amazing, go ahead with the treatment’ ... It gives them that little bit of leeway so that they can say yes and spoil themselves, rather than being worried about the payment. It's definitely created a comfort for our clients.”

Afterpay increases product sales.

They’re the bane of hairdressers the world over: clients who come to the salon for premium treatments, but use poor-quality hair products at home. At Milk & Honey, Afterpay has proved a useful solution.

“When we recommend home care, we’re finding that clients are more likely to [purchase] it with Afterpay," says Cohen. 

“If they’ve spent $200 to $400 on their hair, purchasing haircare might be an additional $150. So sometimes our clients pay for their hair service in full, and then use Afterpay to pay for the product.”

“Afterpay has encouraged a lot of clients to rebook their services... and reduced appointment cancellations."

- Danielle Cohen, Milk & Honey co-owner

Afterpay encourages client commitment.

By paying in instalments, clients are often happier to commit to a longer-term, high-quality plan for their hair – which is a win for the clients and salon alike.

“We’re not a one-stop salon, we're not going to push someone’s hair that far in one appointment,” says Cohen. 

“It’s about creating a plan for future visits to help clients achieve their goal. It’s going to be a bit more costly, but if the client knows that they have a payment option, they’re more willing to let you do their hair slowly and keep coming back.”

Afterpay encourages advance bookings and reduces cancellations.

Milk & Honey has a waiting list of 70 people, with December appointments almost fully booked three months in advance.

“Afterpay has encouraged a lot of clients to rebook their services, rather than being worried about whether they’ll have the money in the bank to pay,” says Cohen. “I think it’s also reduced people cancelling their appointments, for the same reason.”

This has contributed to Milk & Honey’s growth (with Cohen noting that the salon has seen a particular rise in younger clients since the implementation of Afterpay), and offers peace of mind, too.

“It's really good to have the comfort of the bookings and to know what your business will look like for the next three months,” says Cohen. “That way, I can put all my focus into looking after our staff and our clients."

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