Headline article image "Afterpay has doubled revenue in parts of my business."

"Afterpay has doubled revenue in parts of my business."

South Australian hair salon JaDs on the benefits of offering Afterpay.

The Afterpay Advantage:

  • Afterpay has doubled revenue from colour services.

  • Afterpay boosts product sales.

  • Afterpay minimises cancellations.

Taryn Lattanzio vividly remembers the first time a client used Afterpay at her salon in South Australia. It was three years ago, and the client in question was a regular whose ghd hair straightener had stopped working that morning. 

“[The client] was already signed up for Afterpay and was so happy to be able to leave the salon with her new straightener,” recalls Richardson, before adding, “I was just as happy to have the funds in my account overnight."

When asked if she’d recommend Afterpay to other salons, she doesn’t hesitate. “In a heartbeat,” she replies. “You’re only charged for fees as the services are used, and the potential new clients and increased revenue make it a no brainer. Consumers recognise and trust the brand.”

About JaDs.

Lattanzio has owned JaDs hair salon in Victor Harbour for 14 years. In that time, she’s worked tirelessly to modernise the business, launching an online booking for customers (via Timely), revamping JaDs’ social media channels and opening an e-commerce shop.

While all of these elements undoubtedly helped boost JaDs’ bottom line, Lattanzio says that it was partnering with Afterpay that doubled revenue in parts of the business.

Afterpay has doubled revenue from colour services.

Lattanzio says that since introducing Afterapy, revenue from colour services has doubled, with more clients choosing to upgrade from a basic colour service to a high-fashion colour service. “Afterpay makes paying for often costly modern colour services easier for clients.”

Afterpay boosts product sales.

Clients aren’t simply using Afterpay for treatments. “Our retail and electrical sales like straighteners, curlers and dryers have gone up considerably, too,” she says.

Afterpay minimises cancellations.

Lattanzio adds that Afterpay also reduces cancellations as customers feel confident they can cover the costs of their treatments. 

“Our Afterpay customers are our higher serviced clients usually, as they keep appointments irrespective of cash flow. They’re also more likely to purchase investment pieces like extensions and electrical in the salon, rather than sourcing them online later.”

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