"Afterpay doubled our basket size": Rumbie & Co

Hairdresser Rumbie Mutsiwa on how Afterpay has helped grow sales.

Rumbie Mutsiwa began offering Afterpay soon after launching her business six years ago – and it quickly proved to be popular. “Some people will call ahead just to make sure we do have Afterpay.”

Mutsiwa runs Rumbie & Co, a hairdressing salon in inner-city Sydney catering to Afro, textured and wavy hair. She offers Afterpay instore and online, where the business sells haircare products.

For her, offering Afterpay is simply a matter of providing customers with options. “It’s important to give people choice. Everyone’s life is different and how people run their finances is different.”

It's important to give people choice. Everyone's life is different.

- Rumbie Mutsiwa

“I think it’s really important to focus on customer experience… and Afterpay minimises the uncomfortable part of the transaction when someone feels as though they can’t afford it all upfront or that it isn’t something they can prioritise right now.” 

It’s a payments solution that’s helped Rumbie & Co grow, too. During Afterpay Day Sale in 2021, Rumbie & Co saw basket size double among customers who shopped with Afterpay. Overall, Rumbie & Co experienced a 583 per cent in sales from Afterpay Day.

Offering Afterpay also helps with cross-selling when clients come to pay after their hair cut or treatment and are considering buying haircare products to take home.

“You’ll find that some people might come in having budgeted for their hair and then when they see how [well] the products work, they’re like “Can I get them all” And then when they see the price, they say maybe I can Afterpay this.

“I think Afterpay is brilliant. It’s genius."


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