Surf’s up: essential beach accessories for the best summer ever.

by Afterpay
Oct 22, 2023      6 min read

Hear that? The distant sound of crashing waves, squawking seabirds and the wumps of volleyballs going back and forth? It’s the beach calling your name, inviting you to hit the sand and make the most of the beautiful weather. 

But before you go, it pays to plan. You don’t want to rock up to the shore only to find you’ve left your sunscreen, towel or some other crucial item behind! 

In this article, we’re walking you through the beach essentials you’ll need to ensure your next seaside sojourn is not just smooth but spectacular. Whether you’re hitting up a local spot with mates or flying to Sydney for an epic summer holiday, we’ll look at the basics you need for a carefree time, as well as some fun extras you’ll be glad you invested in.

Shady business: the best sun hats and sun protection.

Let’s face it – the Australian sun doesn’t hold back during our summer holidays. But while we adore the warmth, nobody wants to spend their beach day squinting. The right hat and sunnies will not only protect your eyes and face from the strong rays but can also be the cherry on top of your beach fit. 

The best sun hats, in our opinion, are the bucket kind. Slap on the sweet butter-hued LA COSTA RVCA BUCKET HAT and shield yourself in style. Next, slip on some Le Specs OUTTA LOVE | TORT shades and live your best (sun-safe) 90s life. 

To avoid coming home with lobster-red skin (we’ve all been there), shower on some SPF50+ Glow Mist Top Up Spray by Naked Sundays. This magical mist is a breeze to top up throughout the day and even leaves you with a luminous glow. No wonder it’s won awards!

Beach essentials for the perfect sand set-up.

Picture this: you, sprawled on a chic beach towel, sipping a chilled beverage under a cabana, listening to your favourite tunes, all while lounging on a comfy-as-a-cloud chair. Sounds like the ideal beach set-up, right? Let’s make it a reality! 

The Sky Grazer Sand Free Towel is sand-repellant, super absorbent and quick to dry, making it a luxury option you’ll appreciate with every use. It comes in a handy zipped case, too. 

Speaking of luxury, the SUNNYLiFE Deluxe Beach Chair features an adjustable padded headrest, easy-lift wooden arms, and a drink holder and storage pocket to boot. Position it under a sleek shelter like the minimalist SUNNYLiFE Beach Cabana, and you’ll be the envy of every beach-goer around you! 

Must-haves for your beach bags.

So you’ve got your sun protection and set-up sorted. Now, let’s talk about the other beach essentials you’ll want to throw in your bag for a blissful, fun-filled day. 

To keep yourself hydrated – sans single-use plastic – opt for a reusable water bottle. The frank green Ceramic Reusable Bottle - 34oz/1,000ml is not only visually beautiful but also won’t leak in transit (never deal with a soggy bag again!). For other refreshments like coffee or alcohol-free bevvies, a Corkcicle Classic Stemless 355ml - Matcha will serve you well. Its hardy triple-insulated design will keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for hours. 

For peace of mind while you’re having a blast, we highly recommend keeping your phone safely in an Ocean And Earth Floating Phone Case and stashing your other valuables in a quality lock box like the Costcom Portable Camp 3-Digit Combination Lock Box

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