Shopping for camping chairs? Here’s everything you need to know.

by Afterpay
Feb 23, 2023      6 min read

Picture this: you’re chilling around a crackling campfire with your best mates. Peachy twilight clouds drift leisurely overhead. You’re sitting oh-so-comfortably in the perfect camping chair, esky-cold beer in hand. Life is good. 

But wait, let’s get curious here. What exactly is the perfect camping chair? Do comfy camping chairs even exist? What are the best designs, and how do you choose the right one? And did y’all pack enough food for this expedition?? 

In this article, we answer three of these four crucial questions. (You’ll need to take up that last one with your buddies.) 

How to find the perfect camping chair.

First up: yes, comfy camping chairs really are a thing (hooray!) In fact, a wide variety of luxurious, long-lasting designs are now available to please all kinds of campers. 

But how do you find the perfect chair? Well, it starts with exploring the latest options on offer, then narrowing them down to the ones that suit your personal preferences, camping style, car space and budget. 

The most popular designs on offer today are as follows (drum roll, please) … 

The classic quad-fold. 

The quad-fold camping chair is a classic portable seating solution and for good reason! It’s probably the most accessible option on the market, with a massive range of lightweight yet sturdy styles available to suit almost any budget. 

The OZtrail Classic Arm Chair, for example, has a hard-wearing 17.5mm high-tensile steel silver frame, but it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you have the coin, though, BCF camping chairs like the Oztent Gibson Quad Fold are known for their impressive fabrics, padding and stability. 

Whatever comfort level you opt for, quad-folds are surprisingly compact when folded, so you’ll be able to bring that extra esky full of food after all (winning!) 

Oh, and quad-folds almost always come with a drinks holder attachment – a must-have feature in our eyes.

The shape-shifting recliner.

Any seasoned camper will tell you that after a long day of nature bathing, there’s nothing better than kicking back in a comfy chair – and then back a little further. 

Featuring a taller back with several (you read that right, several) adjustable positions, reclining camping chairs are ideal for adventurers who love to relax to the max. 

Sound good? Anaconda camping chairs like the Spinifex Comfort Series Lounger are an absolute dream, so be sure to suss them out. 

If you’re prone to nanna napping, the Recline Folding Camping Chair features a padded headrest for your noggin. It’s even got a handy side organiser for storing small items like your phone and sunscreen.

Keep in mind that most reclining camping chairs fold flat, so they’ll take up a bit more space in your boot. But for the unrivalled relaxation options they provide, we reckon they’re worth it! 

The ultra-comfy moon chair.

For out-of-this-world comfort, you can’t go past a moon chair. Known for their unique lunar shape, plush cushioning and low-slung design, moon chairs offer plenty of room to sink in and relax. Plus, they’re often more durable than your typical quad-fold.

Like to go fishing on a crisp morning? Campers around Australia are hooked on the swanky Sonnenberg Foldable Moon Camping Chair. Its round seat keeps you cosy on all sides, while its multipurpose right-side holder provides a place to prop your fishing rod. So fly. 

If you’re more of a night owl than an early bird, the Macpac Half Moon Chair has all the features you need to stargaze in style. It’s got an aluminium frame for solid support and reflective details that are easy to spot in the dark. Genius! 

For the leisure seekers. 

When it comes to camping, practicality takes priority. But let’s be honest: forgoing the creature comforts of home can be a downright drag. 

Since you’re in the market for a new camping seat-uation, why not treat yourself to something a little bit boujee? Go on – indulge. Your future self will thank you for it! 

How about a footrest for your tired tootsies? Maybe an overhead umbrella for protection from the fierce Aussie sun? This Sport-Brella Adjustable Reclining Chair has BOTH, plus an insulated pocket, cup holder and bottle opener. Beats parking it on the esky, no? 

The only thing the Sport-Brella lacks is room for two. If the concept of a portable loveseat piques your interest, the OZtrail Galaxy 2 Seater Chair provides ample space for a snuggle. It’s the built-in wineglass holders for us! 

Kick back in style with Afterpay. 

Now that you’re a camping chair aficionado, it’s time to pick your dream design. With Afterpay, you can snap up a great deal on a quality seat right now, in time for your next trip. 

Choose wisely, and you’ll be sitting pretty for many outdoor adventures to come. 

(Pro tip: to broaden your search, check out the wide variety of Bunnings camping chairs on offer. From quad-folds to recliners, moon seats and loungers – you name it, they’ve got it!) 

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