Experience in-tents comfort with our top camping setup ideas.

by Afterpay
Feb 09, 2023      5 min read

When modern life gets exhausting, and you’d rather jump into a lake than take another work call, setting out for a days-long expedition can do wonders for the mind, body and soul. 

We’re calling it: camping is the ultimate therapeutic activity we all need in 2023. 

And yet, the prospect of forgoing the creature comforts of home can be a mega turn-off – especially if you’re still making do with a weather-beaten tent, lumpy camping mattress and Dad’s old jaffle iron. 

The good news is that camping gear has come a long way, with a wide variety of luxury, made-to-last products now available to please novice and experienced adventurers alike. 

Let’s explore…

Stay squeaky clean with a camping shower setup.

There’s lots to love about summer camping, but waking up sweaty in a stuffy tent just ain’t it – especially if you’re also dusty from the night before. It’s moments like these where a camping shower becomes your most prized possession.

Is it essential camping gear? Maybe not. But being able to wash off the grime that comes with a hard day’s hiking and swimming makes for a comfier camping experience. And the experience can be enjoyable in itself; there’s something about showering outdoors that hits different, no? 

Adding a shower to your kit also means your skincare routine doesn’t need to fall by the wayside. Pack your loofah and body scrub! 

Both solar and gas options are available at a range of price points to suit your needs and budget. For blessed privacy at busy campsites or even the beach, be sure to nab a shower screen to complete your camping shower setup.

Maximise convenience with a camping toilet.

If the idea of rudimentary bathroom facilities – or none at all – makes you cringe, having a camping toilet to yourself can provide relief in more ways than one. 

Camping toilets offer easy set-up, pack-down and cleaning, and they provide better hygiene, privacy and safety than the communal long-drop we all know and despise. 

From spill-proof dunny bags to instant ensuites, you’d be surprised at the array of portable toilet options available. You can even purchase a handy female urination device to ‘go’ discreetly without worrying about leaks. 

Just think: you’ll never need to line up for the dreaded festival portaloos again. Camping setup ideas don’t get much more practical than that.

Recharge with camping solar panels.

Whether you’re deep in the wilderness or in someone’s backyard, the whole point of camping is to be self-sufficient. So why not tap into our most abundant natural energy resource, the Aussie summer sun? 

If you’re keen to create an atmosphere under the stars, a solar power bank lets you put the ‘amp’ in camping and get the bluetooth speaker going. Plus, you can string up some rechargeable fairy lights for a magical glamping vibe. 

A range of power levels is available to suit all types of campers. For those with a mini fridge in tow, a camping solar panel can keep your deep-cycle batteries topped up. If you want to seriously go bush and only pack the essentials, keep your camping gear light with, a nifty solar lantern.

Best of all, solar panels provide peace of mind. When you need to make a call (or take some sunset snaps), your phone will be ready.

Get cooking with a gourmet kitchen set-up. 

Prepping food in the middle of nowhere is a notorious hassle – but only for the unprepared. Whether your outdoor dish of choice is mac ‘n’ cheese, breakfast sandwiches or a hearty stew, investing in quality cooking equipment means you can plate up like a pro anywhere, anytime. 

There are few better feelings than returning to camp after a long AF hike with everything you need to cook up a storm. 

And thanks to the wondrous invention that is the portable coffee maker, getting your caffeine fix on the go is easier than falling off a log. 

Rest comfortably with a plush camping chair. 

A list of the very best camping setup ideas wouldn’t be complete without a comfy place to park yourself. Anyone who’s been camping before knows that a good chair is well worth the extra coin. You’ll be spending hours reading, napping and eating in it, so comfort is an absolute must. 

There are many different types of camping chairs out there, so think about what features are important to you. Are cup holders, side tables and snack pockets your jam? Do you want the option of reclining? Will your aching bod benefit from armrests and lumbar support? 

Just remember that generous padding is non-negotiable. And look for durable materials to ensure your seat stands the test of time (high-tensile steel frames and 600-denier polyester are where it’s at). 

Level up your camping gear with Afterpay.

The days of settling for crummy camping gear are over, fam. Once you’ve invested in some quality essentials, you’ll be ready to hit the road in style whenever adventure calls. 

To pay securely in instalments across a variety of the best outdoor brands, be sure to shop with Afterpay. 

Happy new gear!

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