Check out these Tickets to the hottest Christmas gifts in town.

by Afterpay
Dec 06, 2022      6 min read

It’s that time of year again, the days are getting longer, so are the waiting lines inside your local shopping center car pak. Our Spotify and radios are on a constant rotation playing the same 5 Christmas songs and excitement fills the air as the end-of-year parties are in full swing and the gift shopping is priority one on the to-do list.

So what do you get for someone who doesn’t “want anything for Christmas” or for someone who seemingly has everything? Well like Santa Claus, we’ve made a list and checked it twice and sourced the perfect gift ideas to help you absolutely sleigh this Christmas.

Our wishlist is made up of gifts that will completely get rid of your decision fatigue (we call that some Christmas magic). The gift of experience is something thoughtful that won’t get caught up in the mountain of consumerism and will help your loved one create memories they will forever attribute to you. The Summer of 22/23 is shaping up to be one for the books and we’re sharing our top picks for the hottest tickets in town. With concerts where they can sing their heart out to museum visits where they can dive into a world of art and history, Ticketek has an abundance of options of experience-based gifts that even the Elves themselves would love. 


For the big music fans in your life, a concert ticket to some of Australia’s top performers will absolutely spoil your loved one this Christmas. As they dance the night away listening to live performances of some of their favourite songs from Australia’s favourite Delta Goodrem to the Jazz King Michael Buble, they’ll be living their best life and will have the memories of an amazing night to hold on to forever! 


The stage has been set, and the doors are opening as live theatre makes its way back into our hearts.  Perfect for the theatre nerd in your life, as the world’s top performers ready to give your giftee a night of pure magic and mystique. Whether you’re bringing them to the singing, dancing and acting world of Hogwarts or transporting them to the death defying trapeze acts of Cirque du Soleil, a trip to the theater will be a truly unforgettable experience. Bring out their inner drama king or queen with these shows available at Ticketek:


If your loved one prefers something a little more action heavy, why not gift them with tickets to see their favourite sports stars battling it out live. This summer our stadiums and sporting fields will be jam-packed with all the best matches that are not to be missed. Get your friend or family member up and close to the action of the Sydney 7s or Melbroune Boomers with tickets to one of the many sporting events that Ticketek has to offer. 


For someone who would rather do than see, these activity based events are perfect for them. Whether that's engaging in a couple rounds of Pixar Putt Putt golf or bringing out their competitive side with the Space Jam, family slam basketball match. You will get their heart pumping and blood rushing with these events to get them up and moving. 


Give the gift of belly laughter as some of Australia’s funniest comedians make their way across the country. Nothing will have your family grinning ear to ear more than at one of the many comedy shows Ticketek has to offer this summer. Gift them a ticket to see Aussie Fav Wil Anderson or self-proclaimed noodle enthusiast Lizzy Hoo for a show that will leave them in total stitches!

This year Afterpay and Ticketek have got you covered, give your friends and family the gift of an experience and help create lifelong memories for them in four easy installments over 6 weeks. 

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