Up your camping game with these helpful hacks.

by Afterpay
Aug 29, 2022      7 min read

Camping, it’s come back and it’s come back in a big way. From rugged adventure to boujee glamping, there’s something for everyone (even those who are more fire emoji than fire starter- and frankly, thank god).

From the essential to the extra, let’s look at what to pack and where to head, no matter what camping vibe you’re after. 

The Off-The-Grid Seeker 

Craving some space from constant phone pings? You’re not alone. More people are going for off-the-grid adventure to get a breath of fresh air. Enter primitive camping, the lowkey way of enjoying the great outdoors, without the comforts of home. From camping spots with no running water to no phone reception, primitive camping is taking off and here’s the gear to get in on it. 

Where to stay: 

When you think of off-the-grid adventure, you probably think of a place like the Northern Territory Finke River. A remote spot surrounded by rugged terrain, and your morning shower? The local river. 

What to take: 

Is there a better achievement than cooking a feast over a campfire? Nope. From the properly primitive to the almost-profesh, a campfire kitchen is one camping companion you need to get fired-up about. 

Before you can get the campfire going, you need to gather the wood. As you’re off-grid, you’ll need to turn to the trusty axe, instead of the gas station.

A tarp is your best mate when you’re going off-grid. Not only can it be rigged to sleep under, change it up and it can also protect you from the elements too. 

The Glamper

If the words ‘roughing it’ are not in your dictionary, then glamping (glamorous camping) is for you. We’re talking seriously luxe. From bell tents to beautiful spots, this trend has taken off and taken camping to a whole new level. 

Where to stay: 

Whether it’s a group getaway or a decadent date weekend, Queensland Nightfall hits the glamping spot. 

What to take: 

Okay, so fine dining may look a little different when glamping, but a picnic basket can keep your dining boujee from breakfast to bevys. Style your set-up with a picnic rug, bringing a bit of indoor comfort to the great outdoors. 

For some after dark entertainment, how about a movie night? Set-up a sheet and with a mini movie projector, sit back and soak up your very own cinema under the stars- popcorn not included. 

Glamping is just as much about your gear as where you go, so a travel bag will see you serve serious style as you rock-up to the site. 

The Backpacker

For on-the-move campers, we’ve got your back, whether you’re backpacking or bikepacking. As this gear comes with you on-the-go, it needs to be little, light and useful- essentials only. 

What to take: 

A solid backpack is a must while you’re on the move. It needs to fit your gear, and fit to your back. Head in-store to get a style that suits your shape- your back will thank us later, srsly.

A lightweight tent is your best friend for any trek or trip. You’ll want something that’s easy to put-up during your pitstops, and keep you going not weigh you down.

Then there’s being prepared no matter the weather, with a waterproof jacket that packs a punch in terms of performance and keeps you prepped for any downpours. 

And to make sure you’re good for late night site arrivals or early morning set-offs, keep a head torch handy. 

The Green-Seeker

Green camping isn’t just camping surrounded by greenery (although that totally makes sense).  It’s about having an eco conscious and respectful attitude towards the environment as you do it. 

Where to stay: 

It could be that you go green with where you stay, like Western Australia Goodies Eco camp

What to take:

Or, it could be that you go green with the gear you take. 

You’re heading out into nature, so why not use natural energy to keep your gear going? Solar powered lamps, torches and even charging devices are good for you, and the planet

You’ll probably have heard of ‘leaving no trace’ on your trips. Help to eliminate plastic waste by taking your own silicone storage bags for food, and a flask for your morning coffees. Sip your way to sustainability. 

Then bringing bamboo toothbrushes and utensils is not only a stylish addition to your camping gear, it’s good for the environment too- what a win. 

Now you’ve got the gear, you’re good to get out into nature. 

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