Let’s get loud: the best speakers for music at home.

by Afterpay
Jun 18, 2023      7 min read

Who likes to move it, move it? Whether you’re tearing up the living room floor with friends or giving the performance of your life for an audience of one (ahem, the cat), a solid set of home speakers ensure your bops of choice sound as good as gold. 

In this article, we’ll explore the dos and don'ts of setting up a bangin’ audio system to suit your listening preferences, home layout and budget. We’ve also rounded up some of the best speakers for music at home to help you find the perfect buy.  

Audio nirvana, here we come. 

Let’s get techy: why design matters.

Ever had a mate insist that their phone speaker is ‘just as good’ as a proper sound system? Well, we’re here to set the record straight. Just like how the right cocktail glass can enhance your drink, the right speakers can transform your music-listening experience. 

The reason some speakers sound better than others is in details like the shape, size and technology of the device. Pay attention to the frequency response, output variations and materials used in construction – these all influence the final sound. 

How to listen to music at home: your audio 101. 

Ultimately, choosing the best speakers for music at home depends on your individual needs. Factors like your budget, audio preferences and the size of your space all come into play. 

For the vinyl diehards, a record player is a must-have, while streaming enthusiasts can make use of various audio devices. You may find a no-fuss Bluetooth speaker ideal for your needs, or you might prefer a comprehensive home stereo system with integrated speakers and an amp. 

If you’re part of the smart home revolution, consider speakers that seamlessly integrate with your system. 

If this is all music to your ears, strap in as we explore the products audiophiles of all kinds are frothing over today. 

Bluetooth speakers for easy portability. 

At home and on the road, portable Bluetooth speakers are the life of the party. They hit all the right notes, offering convenience, portability and a whole lot of fun. 

While they might not match the sound quality of a full-sized home stereo system, many portable speakers deliver an impressive audio output. The BEOSOUND A5 Powerful portable speaker is arguably the GOAT portable speaker, featuring a powerful woofer for sound you don’t just hear – you feel. 

After something more affordable? The travel-friendly ECOXGEAR EcoPebble Lite provides bang for your buck with its durable, waterproof design and 7 hours of battery life. 

Stereo systems for epic sound.

When it comes to sound quality, multi-room listening and customisation, home stereo systems are the cream of the crop. These granddaddies of sound offer superior audio performance and the ability to fine-tune your set-up to perfection. 

Picture yourself hosting a Sunday arvo gathering or an epic house party where your sleek home stereo system steals the show. Panasonic Micro Hi-Fi System 40W is built just for this – and it’s got Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to stream your carefully curated playlist from your phone. 

If you’re a film buff or an avid gamer, it’s well worth splurging on a high-tech surround sound system like the Dolby Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 Home Cinema System. Its immersive cinema-level sound will blow you away every time. 

Retro music players for throwback vibes. 

Ah, the vinyl renaissance! Like retro games, vinyl records are back in a big way. Partly due to nostalgia, yes, but also because today’s turntables incorporate modern technology for a sound experience that combines the best of old and new. 

So if you’re yearning for a warm, authentic sound, consider adding a retro music player to your home set-up. The ProJect Essential III Turntable is a fab choice, offering a balanced, energetic sound to delight any retrophile. 

Love a vintage aesthetic? The LENOXX Bluetooth/Turntable Retro Music Centre features a gloriously old-timey exterior that’s sure to enrich your interior style. It also has multiple playback options (including CD, radio and Bluetooth), so you can play your tunes however you fancy. 

Hit play with Afterpay. 

When it comes to buying the best speakers for music at home, taking the time to reflect on your listening preferences and needs is essential. Choose wisely and enjoy pure audio bliss for years to come. 

With Afterpay, you can buy your dream speaker system and split the cost into manageable instalments. Sounds good, eh? 

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