Ho-ho-hold up! Christmas gifts for the kid who has everything – all under $50!’

by Afterpay
Nov 09, 2023      6 min read

’Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing embodies that spirit more than witnessing the radiant smiles of kids as they unwrap their Christmas surprises. We all know the challenge: there’s always that one child who appears to own every toy, gadget, and delightful doodad under the sun. 

Finding the right Christmas gifts for kids can be a challenge, but that’s where we come in. Merging quality with affordability, we’ve curated an exceptional festive gift guide exclusively for those little ones who seemingly have it all. The best part? All our recommendations are under $50!

From artsy treasures for the budding Picasso to quirky Christmas gifts for the kid who has everything, this list ensures their eyes will shimmer with genuine excitement. So, scroll away, choose your favourites and watch as Christmas morning turns magical.

For the creative kids.

Know a kid who loves to get crafty? They deserve a gift that lights up their artistic spirit. The Crayola Inspiration Art Case is a game changer. It’s not just about filling in colours – it’s about unleashing an explosion of creativity that makes every artwork wall-worthy.

When the sun goes down, the Temu LED Drawing Board steps in. It brings a futuristic edge to their artistry, turning each drawing into a neon dream. For the kids who dream bigger and bolder, the LEGO® Classic Medium Creative Brick Box isn’t just a toy – it’s a universe waiting to be built, brick by brick. 

And for the toddlers? The LEGO® DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator is all about big fun in tiny hands, ensuring every build is a giggle-filled adventure.

For the kids who love a good game.

Board games are more than cardboard and pieces – they’re about the memories we build and the laughter shared – making them the perfect cheap Christmas gift for kids. The Cards Against Humanity Family Edition is all about those unforgettable moments. Designed with young humour in mind, it’s the surefire way to have everyone laughing out loud, making it an absolute must for Christmas game nights. 

The Spot It! Game is an invitation for every player to sharpen their reflexes and outwit their opponents in a fast-paced visual duel. Then there’s the Guess Who? Game, a journey of deduction and wits, perfect for the little detectives in the fam. 

Now, imagine a young one slipping into the shoes of a medical professional – that’s what the Barbie Medical Doctor Doll and Playset offer. It’s a window into the world of care and compassion. And if speed and thrill are more their vibe, the Temu Off-Road Remote Control Car will have them zooming around the living room, feeling every twist and turn of an epic off-road race.

For the kids who have everything.

Oodies are iconic for a reason. Cosy and cute, the Winnie Rainbow Kids Oodie is the perfect gift for any youngster. Not only is it like wearing a hug, but the oversized fit ensures seasons of wear – and who doesn’t love a gift that will last? 

Want your gift to make a splash? Dive into the world of outdoor wonders with the SUNNYLiFE Kids Inflatable Noodle. A dreamy take on a pool toy, this inflatable noodle guarantees oodles of pool time magic. 

For the kids who love to ride, the Cyclops Lean ’N’ Glide Tri Scooter isn’t just another scooter – it’s an experience. Every glide promises balance and excitement. Back indoors, the STEM Discovery #Mindblown Magnetic Tile Set subtly introduces them to the magic of STEM while letting their creativity run wild. And if building is their thing, the Kids Construction Fort Set is the realm of endless possibilities, from forts to hideaways.

Give the perfect gift with Afterpay.

These Christmas gifts for kids are not just products – they’re memories waiting to happen. With Afterpay, you can bring joy now and pay in four easy instalments. Here’s to a magical Christmas filled with wonder and delight. 

Happy giving! 

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