Savvy shopping: Christmas gifts under $20.

by Afterpay
Dec 17, 2023      7 min read

Are you on the hunt for Christmas gifts on a budget that don’t scream ‘bargain bin’? Ditch the big spend – this year, it’s all about the thought and heart you put into gift-giving your friends, family and workmates. 

Whether you’re filling up a Secret Santa bag, searching for stocking stuffers or just trying to stretch your Christmas budget, there are countless thrifty yet fabulous finds out there. The secret is knowing where to look – and we’re here to guide you through it. 

From practical everyday items to unique finds, we’ve got you covered with gifts under $20 that are affordable and will totally make someone’s day.

$20 Christmas gifts they’ll actually use.

When it comes to cheap Christmas gifts, choosing practical products is an easy way to show you care. The trick is to choose something on-brand that your gift-getter can use every day – or at least regularly. 

If they love a hot cup of tea or bean brew, a good quality mug like the Demm Mugg from Country Road will never go to waste. Just make sure it’s a high-quality, no-drama mug that can withstand the dishwasher and all that handling. 

If they’re too busy looking at their reflection to sip tea, then some top-notch beauty products might be just what they need. Makeup and body care products are usually winners, but sometimes it’s the simple things like a good brush or a 3-Pack of Hair Clips to level up their beauty game.

Budget Christmas gifts that just make sense.

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that make life easier. The kind that slips into your life (or under your tree) and gives off ‘how did I live without this?’ vibes. 

Does your gal love bubbles? A Champagne Bottle Resealer is a small luxury that will change their life. No more of that silver spoon in the top nonsense – this baby will keep the bubbles fresh through festive days and summer nights. 

Speaking of handy, who hasn’t hopped in the car only to find their phone’s battery on its last leg? Total buzzkill. Supercharge their battery in a hurry with the PD 20W Car Charger from Temu, a practical gift for anyone with a smartphone and an appreciation for tech gadgets

These aren’t just cheap Christmas gifts; they’re clever, savvy picks for your squad.  

Workout winners everybody’s loving.

If you’re ready to turn up the heat on your training regime, these products are exactly what you need to fuel each training session with an extra dose of energy and burn. They’re designed to push you further, ensuring that every rep, set and stride brings you that satisfying burn – the kind that screams progress and achievement.

Love skipping? A Celsius Deluxe Weighted Skipping Rope will spice things up and challenge your whole body. This nifty rope will help you hit new training heights during cardio, aerobic and HIIT workouts, plus you’ll burn some serious calories too.  

Prefer weights? Revamp your workout routine with a versatile Fit From Home weight set. This package includes 40KG of adjustable dumbbells, kettlebells and a barbell, so you can power up every session minus the gym memberships. 

Find the perfect gift for less.

Stocking stuffers? Check. Secret Santa? Sorted. Just spreading those holiday feels? It’s all possible with Afterpay. 

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