Christmas decorations for the novice decorator.

by Afterpay
Nov 04, 2022      6 min read

So, you’re feeling festive and you want to deck out your home with decorations for xmas this year, for the first time ever. Fab. But when you turn to Insta for inspo, your heart sinks as you realise you might need to actually purchase the mega mansion from the Home Alone movie to make any sort of christmassy statement worth posting about. But don’t stress. You don’t need a 12-bedroom house to create a Christmas wonderland worth showing off. 

Whether you want to add festive fun to your flat or family home, we’ve got the twinkling lights and Christmassy goodness needed to make it happen. 

Get a little crafty (and out there).

It’s time to get your scissors out, because this tip requires a bit of effort. But, it pays off without having to pay big - the dream. 

From hanging hand-made snowflakes, to DIY tinsel tassels and hemp cord Christmas trees, and even making some one-of-a-kind green-filled ornaments, there’s a lot you can do to spruce up your place armed only with scissors and a vision. The trick here? Hone down a theme - any theme - and own it. Winter wonderland? Yes. Santa’s workshop? Absolutely.  Beach Christmas? Do it. 

Of course, if your craft skills are a bit subpar, you can always do a total 180 on your decor strategy and opt for a quirky, light-hearted xmas theme instead. You’re call. 

Lavishly style the dinner table.

It’s time to get to the meaty part of Christmas - the food. The dinner table is where it’s at. Everyone gathers, pulls crackers, stuffs themselves, and usually plays games afterwards. Some end in tears, some end in giggles - it’s totally dependent on Aunty Moira’s mood. So if you want to focus your decorative effort, this is the place to do it. 

From place settings, to table centrepieces, to fun cutlery and napkins, there are simple ways to spruce up your dinner table to get it Christmas dinner ready. Start with the basics and opt for a versatile tablecloth to complement your dining set, and if there’s no room for a cute centrepiece (because of all the wonderful dishes of course) then go for an eye-catching, sparkly garland to place around the festive bits and bobs scattered about the table. 

But, Christmas isn’t just about the visual delights, it’s about tantalising scents. Bring even more holiday spirit by picking out a few festive candles or diffusers and transport your guests to a holiday haven the second they walk through your front door. 

Plus, if you’re looking for ways to nail the look and feel of your other soirees around Christmas time, check out our guide to hosting everything from brunches to cocktail

Get lit (we’re talking about lights…) 

What’s Christmas without fairy lights? I don’t even want to know. The best thing about them is they work for any sized space, from pokey flats to huge houses. 

If you’re seeking a cutsie, cosy Christmas look, then you can pop some string lights around picture frames, on shelves, across your balcony, or hey - why not add a bit of twinkle to your ficus? Also - little baubles with lit up figurines inside are always adorable for any living room. 

If you’ve got a bit more space to play with in your pad, then you have licence to up the ante. An extravagant display of colourful string lights is one (brilliant) way to go. Or what about a slew of large, 3D Christmas figures lit from within? Trees, snowmen, reindeer, an evil Santa - there are no wrong answers. Or, you could install a quirky lit up holiday greeting on the wall. Ho Ho Ho. 

Want to level up the whole street and be the house that stole the seasonal show? Then Twenty Twenty-two is finally your year to decorate outside and bring the vibes to the neighbours you only speak to once a year. The world is now your North Pole. 

Gone big? Why not… go even bigger?

If there is any time of the year to go all out, this is it. Going big doesn’t have to mean spending big either. There are endless possibilities when it comes to bringing that keen Christmas energy. 

The “big” holiday display rules are two fold: One: A ridiculously huge Christmas stocking tells your significant other in a very non-subtle way how many gifts you would like to receive this year. Two: Big blow up holiday characters will earn you festive points from all the young parents on the street. 

FInally, if you really want to hit another level of Christmas, there’s the mother of all decorations: a snow machine. Yes, this is happening… s’no dramas. 

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