Home gadgets that’ll make you wanna stay in.

by Afterpay
Oct 03, 2023      6 min read

When it comes to home appliances, there are two distinct types of people: those with all the game-changing gadgets and those who still own a hair crimper. Hello, retro. 

If your house feels more drab than fab, or you’re left wondering how the trendsetters fry their chips – this article is for you.  

These must-have appliances are the unsung heroes of modern living, designed to make our lives easier, more efficient and downright delightful. 

Kitchen gadgets: cook, eat and repeat with pleasure.

If your morning coffee is a bit 'meh' and your enthusiasm for cooking has gone down the drain, you need some new kitchen companions to reignite your passion for caffeine and culinary adventures. 

What’s a modern kitchen without a KitchenAid appliance or two? Whip up easy-peasy desserts or fluffy mashed potatoes in minutes, minus the mess. After something heartier? An air fryer, like the Russel Hobbs 8-Litre Satisfry, can help you achieve crispy, fried perfection thanks to rapid air tech that uses little to no oil. Cook healthier meals and snacks faster and clean up in a snap.

Simplify cooking and save time by adding a multipurpose cooker to your kitchen arsenal. At the top of our "yes please" list is the Food Ninja Maxi SmartLid, a 15-in-1 Multi-Cooker appliance that is more helpful than any housemate could ever be. 

Reward yourself (and your bank account) by investing in a good coffee machine. A good cuppa cheer is only moments away with the right set up.  

Cleaning gadgets: steam and polish to perfection. 

If your home could use a bit of TLC, but your cleaning motivation has gone into hibernation, these innovative cleaning gadgets are here to help. 

From robotic vacuums, like the Roborock Q7 Max+ Plus, to a drill attachment set that takes the grunt work out of scrubbing, there's a whole world of (almost) done-for-you cleaning gadgets that can help you find your clean freak mojo. 

Got pets or kids? Steam away evidence of grubby hands and paws with the Bissell SpotClean™ Portable Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner – it’s cheaper than steam cleaning and soooo darn satisfying to use. 

Other home appliances you need right now.

With cooking and cleaning taken care of, you can turn your attention to the rest of the house. What other helpful appliances might tickle your fancy?

We're suckers for a smart TV like the Hisense 75" A7KAU 4K. It's big on screen size, resolution and features, allowing you to binge the day away while your robot vacuum does the heavy lifting. 

Feeling thirsty? Ditch the store-bought soda for a homemade fizzy drink made with a SodaStream.  

To experience the ultimate in-home help, snag yourself a smart speaker (like the Amazon Echo) that can connect to your appliances, read the news and save your shopping list to your phone. Trust us, it's a domestic life upgrade.  

Ready for an upgrade?

Get the gadgets you want today and pay in four easy instalments with Afterpay. 

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