Kids prezzies that will make you the family fave.

by Afterpay
Nov 16, 2022      5 min read

Christmas can be chaotic with kids, right from the excited and eye-wateringly early wake-ups, to the wrapping paper apocalypse when the day is done. But if you're the cool aunty or uncle, you don’t need to worry about that - your job is strutting in and outclassing Santa with your gifting prowess. 

There’s no better feeling than watching little ones rip open your gift, and see it become a firm fave. So here’s the insider info on trending toys so that you can win Christmas in their eyes (no list to Santa required). 

Plushies they can play with 

For any fans of the Care Bears and Beanie Babies of the 90s, you’ll be happy to hear that plushies are back, big time. But they look a little different now: enter Jiggly Pets and Squishmallows. These adorable toys are great for little ones who want a comfortable companion. Pro-tip for any plushie purchase - ensure it doesn’t make a sound and you’ll win in parents’ eyes too (unless, of course, you’ve always viewed yourself as the chaotic uncle). 

Toys they can build with

For kids who are a little older (and guaranteed not to swallow smaller pieces), you might want to get something a little more interactive. Be warned though: if you buy it, you’ll probably also need to help build it. But consider this primo bonding time (and as an added bonus, you’ll be taking the heat off their parents for half an hour or so).

No matter who you’re buying for, there is heaps of fun to be had; from Christmassy-feeling gifts to Hot Wheels that’ll put them hot on the heels of Ricciardo for driving prowess. If you’re anything like my uncle, you’ll wind up playing with the slot cars more than the kids!

Gear to get active with 

The best thing about having a hot Christmas is that you can get kids gifts that have them heading outside, running around in circles for 8 hours - and tuckered out by dinner time. 

There is no end to the fun and games that you could go for. Scooters and bikes are great, because they unlock great potential for family days out. But to up the ante, Nerf Guns get them active in a whole different way - just make sure you’re out of the line of fire. 

In another retro comeback - parents are likely to find Beyblades on kids’ lists this year, so helping them tick that off will be a big win with them and their little ones alike. 

Toys to learn with (that are still fun, we swear!)

For all ages, toys that kids can learn with will always be a big hit - from robots to rockets, learning doesn’t have to be boring. And if you’re keen to introduce your budding little IT whizz to tech, there are even kids’ smart watches to get ‘em started. 

No-fail Christmas classics

Maybe the kid you’re buying for already has the latest and greatest, the lucky duck. Your solution? Win their hearts with a classic Christmas gift. There’s a reason these have lasted the test of time, and you can be sure they’ll have everyone - from the kids to the grandparents - ready to play Christmas morning.

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