Moving on up: a moving out checklist to help you fly the coop.

by Afterpay
Jul 27, 2023      8 min read

Leaving your parents' house and moving out on your own is a big deal. And although creating this core memory can feel overwhelming, there’s also a lot to be excited about. 

But before you can start fantasising about lavish dinner parties, plant parenthood and displaying all your favourite books and trinkets, you need to transform your house into a liveable home. So, we’ve created this moving out checklist to help you do just that.

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Moving out of home? First things first.

Step away from the online furniture store. Before you start shopping for the good stuff, you need to tick these off your moving out checklist.

  • Utilities. All that basic stuff we take for granted? You now have to set it up in your new home. Add water, electricity, and figuring out bin days to your list.
  • Internet. It’ll be a sad few weeks in your new house if you haven’t got any internet. Shop around for a provider and organise the NBN before you move in.
  • Budget. The dreaded B word will come into effect now you’re living alone. When figuring out your weekly costs, consider food, rent, bills and T Swift tickets.
  • Moving. Lugging furniture is no party, so you’ll want some help. Book a removalist if you can. Otherwise, call on those mates and family members with utes to give you a hand.

Say no to kitchen nightmares.

When you move out of home, one of the first things you realise (after how much washing you make) is how much stuff a kitchen needs. This space requires a whole lot to become fully functional.

Cutlery and utensils are the bare minimum. After collecting knives and forks from your parents, you’ll need things like egg flippers, serving spoons and can openers. A simple solution? Get a 20-piece set that has it all — no thought required.

Avoid going down the appliance black hole when setting up your new home. Instead, think about the stuff you use every day and start there. And when in doubt, just buy an air fryer. This Russell Hobbs one is dishwasher friendly, cooks everything in minutes, and sits on your benchtop without a fuss.

With your own home, you’ll do a lot more cooking. The days of single-handedly keeping DoorDash in business are over. Instead, a durable anodised, non-stick cookware set can help you feel like a grown-up.

Once you’re confident with your cooking, live out your dinner party fantasies with a dining set that’s matchy-matchy and oh-so-chic. A speckled, matte glaze stoneware dinner set, like this one from Ecology, features multiple plates, bowls, and mugs.

Bathroom and laundry basics.

Next up: the bathroom. Although not as needy as the kitchen, it is a space deserving of your attention. Put these things on your moving out of home checklist now and thank us later.

  • Toiletries. A must for keeping clean. As you set up your new bathroom, don’t forget the toilet paper. You’ll also want a body wash and hand soap. Aesop’s Resurrection Handwash features natural oils and recycled packaging. If you’re living alone, it’s a splurge worth making. For the shower, consider a caddy to store your cleansers and soaps.
  • Towels. You’ll want one for bathing, one for drying hands, and another mat for the floor. Do it in style and get a matching set, like the Mimosa Textured Seagrass towels from Adairs, made with lush 600 GSM cotton.
  • Hamper. Don’t be that person. Keep your dirty clothes off the bathroom floor and in a hamper. This Kmart linen look pick has a drawstring top and metal frame to keep it upright. Want to try your luck? It also features carry handles so you can bring it back to your parents when your clothes need washing.

Living for your living room.

As the heart of your home, you want a living room that’s good for entertaining and comfiness. A simple — yet beautiful — sofa like Freedom’s CLEO is easy to clean, modern, and matches any living room style.

One of the joys of moving out in this decade is that TVs are pretty cheap. This smart TV from Kogan comes with all the bells and whistles at a super low price. Surround sound, smart connectivity, and a sizeable 50” screen. Now you can watch MAFS the way nature intended. 

As a fully-certified adult, you might also like a TV stand to put your new favourite appliance on (the hint is in the name). Add a coffee table as an ideal centrepiece for the living room. Place your favourite books, plants, and knick-knacks on top to lend your vibe to the house.

The odds and ends every home needs.

With the main spaces sorted, we’re now down to the items you’ll forget you need until you suddenly need them. 

  • First aid kit. A regular do-it-all, having a first aid kit is a must for safety. St. John Ambulance makes this affordable first aid kit with all the basics for treating cuts, burns and all the rest. Plus, it stores away out of sight until you need it.
  • Extension cords and powerboards. Yawn, right? But these things are worth their weight in gold. This one from Sansai features six outlets and four USBs so that you can charge ‘til your heart’s content.
  • Cleaning stuff. It’s easy to get swept up in the glamour of funky glassware and new couches, but without cleaning supplies, nobody’s going to want to visit. Get the basics like multipurpose spray, sponges, and a robot vacuum – and you’re set.
  • Toolkit. Get yourself a set of tools and get familiar with the DIY life. With a nifty little one like the Catzons 39-piece General Repair Toolkit, you can fix all kinds of maintenance issues when they pop up. You might even work up the confidence to put together some outdoor furniture.

Move out and up with Afterpay.

Make the transition from your childhood home easier with all the right stuff. Afterpay helps you get your new house in order, so tick off some things on your moving out checklist and make your mother proud.

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