Ruby Miles’ six essential albums to listen to this summer.

by Afterpay
Nov 14, 2023      5 min read

Laneway 2024 is fast approaching and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but the lineup is fantastic! I’m the Programming Assistant for the festival, so as well as helping book the artists on the lineup, I’m doing a lot of the behind the scenes research and watching artists grow - basically listening, listening and more listening to heaps of music.

From the moment I got my first little bit of cash, I was either spending it on tattoos or records. When money got tight (the live music industry stopped existing for a while, if you can remember) I said to myself that tattoos were put on hold and you could only buy records if you absolutely loved the album from start to finish. So I present to you some albums that I wouldn’t think twice about buying from some of our Laneway 2024 acts!

Faye Webster- I Know I’m Funny haha (2021)

Faye Webster is the type of cool girl that I want to be and would die to be friends with. The awkward, dry wit that she uses in her songwriting is so me-coded I was floored when I first heard it. She is honest, even when honesty is boring and sees poetry in the mundane. Who says you can’t tenderly yearn and also throw in a couple of jokes here and there?

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Paris Texas- Boy Anonymous (2021)

This record came out in 2021 and basically set the trend of blending hip-hop with rock production. I’m seeing the Paris Texas influence everywhere these days. Also, I’m putting this in writing: I WILL be moshing at their set… I’ll be in there!

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Angie McMahon- Light, Dark, Light Again (2023)

You know there’s those albums that are so sad or have such a strong mood that you put off listening to it because you’re worried it will send you spiralling? This record does the opposite. It feels like years of therapy crammed into 50 minutes. I genuinely feel like I had a breakthrough while listening to this. Chicken soup for the people who need to be kinder to themselves. 

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Blondshell- Blondshell (2023)

My favourite artist discovery this year! I really think there is no one out there currently that is sounding like Blondshell and it’s so refreshing to hear such a unique sound in indie rock. If you want some 90s inspired, Daria-era, angsty rock in your life get into my girl!

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DOMi & JD Beck- Not Tight (2022)

I first heard about this duo when they played with Ariana Grande and Thundercat for that Them Changes cover. Anyone associated with Thundercat is bound to make some insane, mind-expanding music. Kind of crazy that your debut album has Mac DeMarco, Snoop Dogg, Anderson .Paak and Herbie Hancock featuring - just goes to show how talented these newcomers are. I suspect this will be the secret star set at Laneway…

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Steve Lacy- Gemini Rights (2022)

This one is essential listening. Not only because it’s a critically acclaimed, era-defining modern classic, but Steve is going to need you to be off book on the lyrics by the time Laneway rolls around. You’ve probably seen his live videos, those fans don’t play! So best get the lyric sleeve out of this vinyl and start memorising ASAP!

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