Summer fragrances that set the scene.

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Jan 22, 2024      6 min read

Sunny days, late sunsets, and that sweet feeling of warmth on your skin. What better way to celebrate this season's best bits than with a spritz of summer fragrances?


Summer calls for citrus, pepper, herbs, and fruits. Aquatics, florals, and good green vibes. All those delicious things we love about the season.


But just as you switch up your skincare routine or ditch the doona when it gets too hot, so, too, should your perfume get a summer refresh. With the extra heat in the air, the aromatic molecules in your usual perfumes are getting a boost. We want light, fresh fragrances for summer that are less dramatic but last longer on our skin.


This year, we’ve given up working on our summer bodies and are working on our summer scents instead. To help you capture the essence of the season, we’ve rounded up the aromas you want to spritz.

Fresh fragrances with aquatic vibes.

Lean into summer’s aqua obsession. Days by the pool, sips of iced lemon water, ocean breezes, and calm lakes. We stan a summer fragrance that can transport us with a single spritz. 

Aqua fragrances are fresh, clean, and crisp. They list off notes like salt, seaweed, and algae, each coming alive on your skin. And better still, they’re gender-neutral. (Read: worth adding to your Valentine’s Day gift list.)

Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield and Banks is about as aquatic as it gets. These fragrance geniuses have created a zesty, sunny, saline, and warm scent — everything your best summer ever was.

Want the best cologne for summer? Our current obsession is Acqua Di Gio for Men by Giorgia Armani. Catch the summer vibes with aquatic notes of hyacinth and splashes of green tangerine, neroli, and bergamot. The for-her version is just as divine, with florals and zest added to the signature scents of this fragrance.

In bloom with floral summer fragrances.

Say it with flowers this summer. Akin to walking in a field of flowers or taking a holiday to a tropical location, the sweet, bloomy notes of floral perfumes are quintessential summer. As the perfect complement to beach trips, lounging poolside with friends, or day-to-night fun at a music festival, they’re deliciously feminine and versatile.

Floral summer fragrances capture the most beautiful natural aromas like lilacs, rose, jasmine, lavender, and frangipani. And just like the lingering summer days, they seem to last forever on your skin.  

Issey Miyake’s L’Eau D’Issey has earned its icon status as a summer scent. With a carefully bottled curation of the loveliest freshwater florals, like lily and carnation, you’ll want to wear it long after summer is over.

Take a trip to heaven every time you spritz by Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday. According to its makers, the scent feels like soft skin and freshly washed bed linen — and we agree. As one of our favourite fresh fragrances for summer, it’s perfect for the body that prefers a more subtle scent.

Summer perfumes packing a citrus punch.

Orange you glad we covered the citrus scents? Lemons, grapefruits, oranges, and mandarin are among some of the world’s favourite smells, and they just so happen to rock in the summer. They’re light, crisp, and won’t overpower you, which is precisely what we want when the Celsius starts to soar.

Feeling a little sweaty and hot? A quick spritz of a citrus summer perfume will invigorate and uplift you. They work swimmingly with all your summer plans and relaxed linen outfits, from rooftop cocktails to all-day beach hangs.

And the best cologne for men? The mandarin and ginger top notes found in Creed Aventus Cologne. A few sprays are bound to put some zest in your step.

On the flip side, indulge in the unreservedly romantic — and majorly zesty — aromas of Chanel’s Chance Eau Tendre. It’s fruity and floral, with Grapefruit-Quince and Jasmine stealing the spotlight. Even if you can’t afford that dreamy European vacay this year, chuck on a sparkly dress and this summer fragrance, and you’ll be there.

Touch grass with these green, fresh fragrances.

Go green and embrace all that refreshing, nature-y stuff we love about summer. Think morning crispness. Think lush forests. Think digging in the veggie garden (sans worms). A stellar summer perfume should invigorate you with a single spritz, taking you on an instant journey to the great outdoors. And that’s just what these green machines do.

As the name suggests, green fragrances lean into nature. So, you’ll find notes of cut grass, freshly picked herbs, and summer fruits. Comme des Garçons Parfum’s Play Green features all our favourite summer stuff, like fresh mint and basil, with tinges of vetiver, lime, and jasmine. It’s crisp and uplifting, with a bottle that looks good enough to wear. 

And because these fresh fragrances smell so damn good, they’re totally gender-neutral, too. Spritz yourself, spritz your man, and grab a bottle for your dad.

One of our absolute faves, Aesop Hwyl, promises to let you take refuge in nature with a single spritz. It’s woody, smoky, and filled with notes of moss and spices. And if you’re someone who likes their perfumes to invoke all the deep feels when you spray it on, it’s the scent for the job.

Summer fragrances that just make scents.

Summer is the perfect time to switch up your scent. And with these refreshing, invigorating aromas, you’ll never want the bottle to end. Pay it in four with Afterpay and make this your summer of smelling good.

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