A Wednesday Addams costume, but make it fashion.

by Afterpay
Dec 27, 2022      5 min read

Fashion is experiencing a goth-prep revival; have you noticed? 

And we mean, it’s kind of fitting considering *gestures wildly to the state of the world*.

The design camp will claim this style has been building for a while, but we know who to thank for the Wednesday Addams costume trend (hint: the answer is in the name).

The second this cult fave series hit Netflix, TikTok lost its collective mind over Wednesday’s monochromatic style, carefree attitude and refreshing rejection of literally anything ‘good girls’ are supposed to be. Oh, and the dance. So much love for the dance

Wednesday has become the new style icon for the fashion community and everyday oddballs alike. And, if you’re looking to embrace the preppy goth-glam look for yourself, we have some pieces that can take you there. 

The iconic Wednesday Addams dress. 

Okay, so we can all agree that the only thing cooler than the Wednesday Addams’ dress is her dance. It’s kooky, spooky, and has totally gone viral (cue air drum solo). 

Unfortunately for the vast majority of us, dropping the equivalent of a month’s rent on an Alaïa tulle dress (the official Wednesday costume) isn’t on the cards. But if you’re looking for a purse-friendly pick, the Miss Selfridge Volume Organza Mini Dress from ASOS is a winner. Is Wednesday heading to a summer wedding, and happy to spend a little more coin? Aje’s Casa Puff Sleeve Midi Dress is the moment. 

Oh, and also, paying in four instalments with Afterpay means there’s an option here to look woefully fab on any budget. 

A Wednesday capsule wardrobe.

Anyone who lived in the 90s gothic academia era understands the epic importance of babydoll and Peter Pan dresses. These dresses provide the perfect platform for you to nail the Wednesday Addams outfit brief, all the while looking low effort (just as our nonchalant queen would have wanted).

Adding items like blazers, frilly socks, and tidy button-down blouses really brings this look into the now - Wednesday style. A bonus of this forlorn fashion? Being allergic to colour is extremely convenient for aspiring capsule wardrobe folks.  

Fierce footwear for your sole.

If Wednesday’s chunky Prada brushed leather lace-ups are living rent-free in your head, let us suggest some more budget-friendly options. Princess Polly’s Penny Lane Loafers are giving Addams fam vibes at a smidge of the cost. Or, opt for the classically cool Polley T-Bar Mary Janes from Dr Martens.

These picks, and a sweet pair of whimsical frilly socks (like the Original Sock in White from Cotton On), will keep you comfy while you chase werewolves through a damned forest or safer ground. Either way - a supportive sole is crucial for your real-life Wednesday Addams costume.

Moody makeup and classic pigtails.

Dark and moody makeup is having a true moment right now, but this is a serious upgrade from the 90s goth style. Mostly due to the more recent additions of contouring and eyebrows. This soft-goth take can be achieved by embracing ethereal deep plums, warm browns and matte lip liners combined with dewy (but never glossy) lip balms. 

Oh, and don’t forget the iconic piggy plaits – which seem quite simple but require some serious anti-frizz + extra shine prepping. 

Give yourself the gift of a new gothic wardrobe with Afterpay.

If the urge to embrace Wednesday’s iconic style is tap, tap, tapping at your chamber door - consider this the sign you’ve been looking for. 

With whispers of a second season, we believe this trend is here to stay. So go for it, and shop now with Afterpay. 

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