Beach totes to float your boat.

by Afterpay
Oct 06, 2022      5 min read

Ahhh, summer. Long, hot days. Balmy nights. Seaside hangs, parties, barbecues, and relaxing on the beach after a dip in the salty sea, soaking up some sunshine (fingers crossed).

But a trip to the beach isn’t complete (or vaguely comfortable) without a towel. And a hat. And sunnies. And sunscreen. And room for your thongs (or jandals, if you’re from that neck of the woods). And that good book you’ve been meaning to finish. And your house keys. And lip balm. And snacks. And…the list goes on.

In fact, given summer is the season that generally involves putting less on, we sure do end up carrying a fair bit around; whether it’s just for a day trip to the beach, or a weekend away in some tropical paradise.

That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of the best beach totes and bags available this season. Whether your style is bold or understated, colourful or classic - we’ve got the tote to get you from A) the scorching-hot carpark to B) prime position by the water, relaxing in the salty-fresh breeze.

The Classics

You can’t go past a summer classic, and we don’t mean Cornettos (though they’re amazing and you should definitely eat one…or three). We’re talking about classic beach totes featuring nautical stripes, natural, neutral tones, and textured touches of canvas, woven straw, raffia, rope, and hessian. 

Spotted hanging off the shoulders of everyone from Dua Lipa to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, these beach tote are elegant and understated; the kind of bags you’d expect to see dotting the shore of the French Riviera (hey - if it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for us), or perhaps hanging off the deck of a luxury superyacht as it cruises along the Amalfi (we can dream, right?). 

Pair yours with oversized sunnies, beach hair, and the taste of sea salt on your lips. Classic.

Make A Splash (Of Colour)

At the other end of the tote spectrum, we have the big, the bold, and the bright. Colourful beach totes are having a huge moment, dominating 2022 runways and shorelines. The bigger the better (and on a practical note, the more space to carry all your stuff). 

Think vivid prints and dopamine-boosting blocks of colour (added bonus: they’ll be easy to spot amongst all that beige sand). 

There’s also a definite swing towards vintage-inspired bags with cottagecore vibes. Think quilted, crocheted, reclaimed fabrics, and handmade, textured pieces that feel as good as they look. Grandma would be proud (and maybe a bit jealous).

Let Your Bag Do the Talking

You’ve got to love the simplicity of a good canvas tote. This year, they’re everywhere - and they’re bringing alllll the vintage vibes. 

90’s nostalgia? Tick. Retro graphics straight off a postcard? Tick. Old-school logos, stylised slogans, and juicy-fruit colours? Tick, tick, tick.

Whether you’re beaching or brunching (it’s been a rough couple of years, so we suggest both), these totes will hold all your essentials and add a touch of fun to boot. Our tip: choose one with a separate, zippable compartment for all the little need-it-right-now stuff (that way you’re not constantly digging around to find your keys).

Talk About Versatile

Introducing the multitaskers. These are the bags that will take you from the beach to the bar and back again (or just to the shops…up to you). 

Think cross-body bags full of handy little compartments (you can never have too many little compartments), or large shoppers with elegant touches of leather detailing, to give you the best of both worlds (and space to carry them, too).

Alternatively, a traditional beach tote or picnic set with an insulated cooler section (now that is cool) means you can pack allllll the snacks, stick that umbrella in the sand, and settle in to make a day of it. You won’t have to move a muscle, unless it’s to reapply sunscreen or take a dip.

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