The bling gift guide for mums, GFs & BFFs.

by Afterpay
Nov 04, 2022      5 min read

Christmas shopping for our mums, BFFs and s/os (read: the most important people in our lives) is always high stakes, not gonna lie. That’s why jewellery is pretty much the best way to go for a memorable xmas gift. It’s personal, thoughtful, and when done right, can mean you’ve given them something they’ll love and wear forever. Winning! 

But sorting through the noise and finding a blinging’ piece for your loved one can be a tough feat. There’s almost too many options. Necklace or earrings? Gold or silver? Flashy or understated? Don’t worry - we’re here to help you. 

No matter whether you’re shopping gifts for mum, gifts for friends or gifts for your partner, our sparkling prezzie guide will help you pick out the perfect piece of jewellery for the person you want to impress on xmas day. 

Gems & gifts for mum

Starting with your wonderful mum (we all know she deserves the world and some bling to match) we’ve found the top jewellery picks for her xmas gift this year. With maximalism and bold colours being a major trend for women of all ages this 2022/23, there really is something for every type of mum, no matter her taste. 

A bold piece from Swarovski or ELK will be adored, and will quickly become her fave statement item. Perhaps your more free-spirited mum (the one that all your friends said was ‘cool’ when you were growing up) will love a thoughtful natural stone from Essential Soul Creations. However, if your mum is a little more minimalist in how she styles herself, then these understated, timeless drop earrings from Michael Hill will 100 per cent be her new faves. 

Bling for your BFF 

Next up: your ride-or-die BFF. No one knows you like your bestie, but even those closest to us can struggle to pick out such a personal prezzie like jewellery. If you have your heart set on gifting a special gem for your mate this Christmas, then we’ve got some top drops that have you covered. 

A unique bestie set from Lion Wild can’t fail. But rather than picking out a design that’s an exact match, try to snag a duo with different styles or even in different metals. Same, but different - just like you and your BFF. (Cute!) Plus, a bonus with this gift is that half of it is yours. Sneaky…

If matchy matchy isn’t you and your soul sister’s style, then a statement chain necklace from Kirsten Ash should be your best bet. Seriously - watch her wear it pretty much everywhere from now on. 

If you’re looking for ear or hand bling for you mate, then go for a bold earring set from Carou Jewellery for your more flamboyant friend, while a more understated, classic ring from Oak & Merchant will complement a more demure bestie. 

Jewels for your s/o.  

You may well think that jewellery shopping for your partner will only cause confusion, doubt and possible panic - and maybe some tears -  but we’re here to guide you and make sure they’re ecstatic (and you’re relieved) when they open their gift on xmas day. 

The rule with jewels for bae? When in doubt, go simple, meaningful and personal. 

An understated, personalised necklace with their initials from Alice Or Jewellery will be a staple piece they can wear every day, while a classic locket from Francesca with a personalised photo memory inside is just too cute and really shows how much you love your favourite human. 

But you don’t have to go all lovey dovey if that’s not your couple style. A fun trinket from colette can also serve as a great reminder that you just get them. For something a little edgy, a piece from Culture Kings or Cort Jewellery will stand out as the top prezzie to flaunt at xmas lunch. 

Finally - for something ultra special - a bespoke, custom creation from Harlin Jones will show off your creativity and is sure to become a unique treasure they’ll love for always. 

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