Kinks, coils & waves: Curly Girl Method approved products to try.

by Afterpay
Aug 17, 2023      6 min read

Hair trends come and go, but taking care of your tresses and using products made especially for them? That’s a forever kind of thing.

The Curly Girl Method is one of the biggest things to happen to hair. For those of us with waves, curls, coils or a little bit of everything, it’s what we’ve been waiting for.

The method – coined by hairstylist and author Lorraine Massey – was designed for people with naturally curly and textured hair. Rather than straightening, treating or heating it into oblivion, it’s a gentler approach. It helps to embrace your natural hair shape while keeping it super hydrated and healthy.

Keen to give it a whirl? These are the Curly Girl Method approved products and hair tools you’ll want in your arsenal.

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Kick off your curly hair routine.

Zazie Beetz. Shakira. Sarah Jessica Parker. The celeb world is awash with gorgeous curls, ringlets and waves. If you’re dreaming about it, the CGM can help you get it – soft, hydrated, well-behaving hair to rival these curly queens.

Like most things in life, it’s all about finding the curly hair routine that works for you. And luckily, the CGM comes with directions.

You’ll want to kick things off with a reset. After many years of using harmful hair products, shampoos and dyes, we carry a lot of stuff in our hair. And ultimately, it’s preventing our hair from being the best version of itself. Give your hair a rejuvenating wash with a clarifying shampoo (containing sulphates) before you start the rest of the process.

Next, a conditioner wash (aka a co-wash) is essential. Something like the CGM-approved Curly Girl Conditioner from Pump is ideal for cleaning and locking in moisture. Spend a few minutes massaging it into your scalp and hair ends.

Now you’ll want an ultra-moisturising conditioner. After it’s applied, comb through with a gentle brush like the Original Happy Hair Brush and rinse about 80% out. We want to retain its moisturising powers. 

Hair still dry? Try using the Innersense Organic Beauty Detox Hair Mask before this final conditioning for extra love.

With your hair still wet and some conditioner remaining, you can step out of the shower. Use a cotton T-shirt or microfibre towel to dab your hair gently, but leave it wet.

Curly girl method products to seal the deal.

Your hair has been reset, co-washed and conditioned. Now you’re ready to soften. Depending on the level of hydration your hair needs, these are the GM-approved products you’ll want. 

Only apply the following to soaking wet hair. This will help lock in the moisture.

  • The Pump Haircare Miracle Curl Oil is a must for those with thirsty, damaged hair. Oils can go on while your hair is wet or during scrunching (see below).
  • Creams like the 12 Reasons The Absolute Curl Cream are usually applied immediately after the shower. Pay close attention to the ends of your hair, where you want definition and moisture.
  • Curl gels tame frizz, create definition and enhance your curls. What’s not to love?

Going all the way with the CGM.

Wanting to spoil those luscious locks of yours even more? These are the finishing touches to the curly hair routine that can make a difference.

  • Dry gently – There’s no room for a hardcore hair dryer or straightener in CGM. This gentle approach favours air drying or diffusing (we recommend the Bellissima Diffon Ceramic DF1 5000). Take time and define your curls with your fingers and hands as they dry. 
  • Style your do – Once dry, your hair might feel a little stiff from the products. This is totally normal. The trick? Scrunch out the crunch. This process involves a squeezing action with your hands, where you’ll scrunch the crunchy bits of hair to soften them.
  • Secure with CGM-approved accessories – From here, you can choose to wear your hair up or down. If you’re opting for an updo, a curl-friendly clip is a must. The PuffCuff has become a cult classic for people with curly hair. It maintains volume without pulling or damaging your locks.
  • Protect overnight – Without protection, your beautiful curls could be crushed while you sleep, leading to unwanted morning frizz and bedhead. Curly Girl Method approved products like the Damn Gina silk hair wrap 2.0 will keep your curls secure and help you get more life out of them than usual.
  • Nourish from within – Boost your hair health from the inside by incorporating ingestible beauty supplements like protein, vitamin C, collagen and biotin into your day.

Enter your curl boss era.

Make this the year you worship your hair. Explore Curly Girl Method approved products and beauty tech with Afterpay and create a routine that your locks will love.

Late fees, eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply. See for full terms.

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