Your Afterpay-approved summer glow-up checklist.

by Afterpay
Oct 15, 2023      5 min read

With the weather warming up and the holidays drawing near, it’s time to embrace the sunshiney vibes with open arms – and an open mind. Some primping and preening can instantly elevate your look and get you in the right headspace for boundless summer fun. 

So grab your shades because we’ve got the ultimate playbook for a full-body transformation that will have you sparkling from head to toe. This foolproof summer glow-up checklist offers a blend of self-care and beauty treatments you can indulge in now and pay off in four easy instalments with Afterpay. You beauty.

Whiten your smile.

A gleaming grin makes you look 10 times hotter, easy. Whether you order a DIY kit like Hismile or book a sesh at your local clinic, teeth whitening is a go-to summer beauty treatment that makes a noticeable difference to your overall look. Prepare to dazzle. 

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Touch up your tresses.

Time to turn up the volume on those locks with a trip to the salon. Been umm-ing and ahh-ing about getting bangs? Or going short? This might be the perfect moment to try something new. Need to refresh your colour? Get those foils now and pay better over time with Afterpay. 

Not looking for a major change? Don’t underestimate the power of a simple trim. It may be all your hair needs to look sleek and healthy again. 

For a summery finish, ask your stylist for beachy waves to go. 

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Get a golden glow.

Gorgeous sun-kissed skin will have you looking and feeling radiant in no time. For a balanced bronze without the damaging effects of UV exposure, opt for a speedy spray tan. There’s plenty of quality self-tanning products out there, or you can book in at a salon and leave it to the pros. You do you! 

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Knead your stresses away.

All the beauty treatments in the world won’t get you summer-ready if you’re just not in the mood. Treat yourself to a soothing massage and let your worries melt away, leaving you feeling relaxed, re-energised and up for anything. 

Why not invest in a handheld gadget and make self-massage part of your weekly routine? Or you could splurge on a leisurely 1-hour sesh complete with essential oils, fancy organic skincare and warm jade stones. Decisions, decisions. 

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Refresh your nails. 

A well-executed mani is one of the easiest and most effective summer glow-up techniques, hands down. 

For a low-key, clean girl look, a little shaping, buffing and transparent polish might be all you need. But for something more fun, we recommend giving DIY gel nails a whirl. At-home gel kits are delightfully affordable and yield impressive results. 

And, of course, you can always mosey over to a nearby salon and decorate your digits without lifting a finger. 

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Banish face and body hair with laser or IPL. 

For smooth, silky skin, give laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) a try. These innovative hair removal treatments use a beam of light to heat hair follicles and prevent regrowth. Hairs gradually will become fainter and finer with repeat treatments. 

Basically, they’re winning options for the long-term management of unwanted hair. 

Take your pick of at-home devices or book in for a professional sesh and prepare to be amazed. Bye-bye razor! 

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Top up your injectables.

If dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments or other cosmetic injectables are part of your beauty routine, scheduling a refresh appointment ahead of summer might be a good idea. Smooth, plump, hydrated skin, ahoy! 

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Beautify your brows. 

Whether you’re partial to the pared-back undone skin look or love a full face of glam, the brow factor is real: neglect them, and your everyday summer makeup will fail to land. 

Use Afterpay to cover your in-clinic shape and tidy, or order some quality products for a bold and beautiful finish. 

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Elevate your lash game. 

Long, thick lashes are such a slay. For long-lasting results, consider splurging on lash extensions at your local beauty bar. You’ll be waking up feeling like the best version of yourself every day (ahh, the convenience!)

If you’re on a budget, falsies are always a fab option. Or you might like to test out that new mascara you’ve been eyeing. 

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Get grooming with Afterpay. 

Our favourite thing about this glow-up checklist is that you can pick and choose activities as you please, or work your way down the list until you feel like a million dollars inside and out. 

Actually, scratch that. Our very favourite thing about this list is that every single step can be done with Afterpay. Download the Afterpay app now for an easy-breezy clinic experience. 

Happy pampering!

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