Tell your love story with this must-have jewellery.

by Afterpay
Jan 22, 2024      4 min read

Romance is about more than shared feelings, date nights and Insta-worthy moments – it’s about connection, cherishing your partner and celebrating your love. And what kind of gift has been ticking all those boxes since humans discovered how much they liked those shiny rocks? Jewellery.

Gold, silver or diamond, a thoughtful and lasting piece of bling can capture all those feel-good vibes and preserve your love story for generations to come. You know that ring passed down from your Nanna? It was a gift and your family history in the making.

Today, we’re exploring timeless jewellery pieces to celebrate your lasting affection for that special someone. Because it’s not just about giving a gift – it’s about transforming precious moments into a beautiful symbol that can be worn and treasured forever.

The tennis bracelet: timeless chic that’s always on-trend.

Tennis bracelets are a staple of sophistication. These dainty pieces take their name from the occasion when Chris Evert, a famous tennis player, called time on a match when she lost her diamond bracelet mid-game. It was eventually found (after a lengthy scavenger hunt) and has since become a symbol of understated elegance and durability. 

If love and enduring strength speak to you, the Swarovski Matrix Tennis Bracelet might be the perfect gift for your lover. With its round-cut white crystals and rhodium plating, it’s an affordable option that doesn’t compromise on style. 

If you’re looking for something a lil more luxe, a diamond tennis bracelet might be your vibe. 

Lockets: hold those memories close to your heart.

Lockets have been all about love and nostalgia since way back in the Victorian era. From tiny portraits to sentimental notes and locks of hair, a quality locket can carry big-time feels and precious memories close to your heart.  

Our pick of tiny forever capsules is the Gold Heart Lotus Locket Pendant from By Charlotte. This intricate heart-shaped pendant is adorned with a beautiful claw-set cubic zirconia ready to be the keeper of your love story. 

Box it up with some sexy lingerie for the ultimate gift or Valentine’s Day pressie. 

Hoop earrings: a classic but classy trend. 

Hoop earrings have been slaying the fashion game across cultures for centuries. Queen and all-round style icon Cleopatra was known to rock a hoop while ruling Egypt – and now they’re a must-have in every It Girl’s wardrobe. They’ve evolved from simple circles to all kinds of designs and sizes, but one thing’s for sure: they’ve always been a symbol of boldness and style. 

The Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings from Bevilles blend contemporary style with traditional elegance. They’re versatile enough for a casual day or paired with a sparkly dress for an elegant evening event. If your lover loves serious statement jewellery, opt for larger, diamond-studded hoops for a more dramatic look.

The signet ring: something as unique as them.

Signet rings, bearing family crests and engravings, have been worn by generations of families and groups as a statement piece for centuries. While the designs might have changed, the sentiment hasn’t.

The 14k Solid Gold Lotus Diamond Signet Ring from By Charlotte offers a modern twist on this ancient tradition, perfect for someone who values both heritage and style. For a bit more bling, choose something with an intricate design or precious stones. 

Diamond studs: the classic, sparkly essential.

Diamond studs are the epitome of classic beauty in jewellery. Why? Because they’re versatile, elegant and suit any occasion. 

We love these 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings from Shiels, which offer a shimmer of luxury without being overly extravagant. If you’re looking for an upgrade on these, choosing something with larger-carat diamonds could charm the pants off your lover. 

Does your partner love the water? Consider some waterproof sparklers, too. 

Wrap up your love tale with Afterpay.

Whether it’s a locket holding a precious memory, a signet ring symbolising your shared memories or dazzling hoops that reflect your beau’s bold spirit, choosing the right piece of jewellery can celebrate your love in a way that will endure long after the chocolates are eaten and the flowers have wilted. 

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