Summer active fits you’ll be obsessed with.

by Afterpay
Oct 06, 2022      5 min read

It’s official: winter is finally (FINALLY!) over. With temperatures rising and all those long summer days to look forward to, it’s time to shrug off the hoodies, discard the workout layers, and gear up for the warmer months (La Niña? What La Niña?).

Whether it’s running, cycling, or Bubble Soccer (yes, that’s an actual thing), no matter how you like to work up a sweat, we’ve got your summer workout wardrobe sorted. 

Think colourful sets, sleek support, and sporty accessories designed to keep you cool and help you smash your fitness goals. We’ve covered it all so you don’t have to (you do have to do the actual workout though…that’s only fair, right?)

Ready, set…

Whether butter-soft and stretchy is your thing, or you’re more a structured support guy or gal, the right coordinated set makes it easy (or at least more fun) to roll out of bed and slay your workout first thing. 

This summer’s hottest sets range from sleek neutrals to retro threads and so-sweet-you-can-almost-taste-them sherbet shades. Not a massive fan of matchy-matchy? Mix and (semi)match with contrasting-yet-complementary top and bottoms. 

Our hot (but also pleasantly cooling) tip: opt for breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you dry and comfy from start to finish.

Summer support

Okay, so a super-supportive sports bra or pair of shorts won’t actually do the hard yards for you (if only…can someone please make that happen?!). But they can make your workout more comfortable and improve endurance, helping you stay in prime condition all season long.

Get the blood flowing with a pair of lightweight summer compression shorts, designed to support your muscles, reduce wear-and-tear, and lower the risk of injury - all while drawing moisture away from your skin. 

If cycling is more your vibe, there are lots of sleek new-season options designed to keep you cool and comfy in the saddle. Opt for a pair with moisture-wicking padding, as well as reflective detailing to make you stand out when the sun goes down.

Get Your Kicks

There’s no denying retro runners rule right now, with old-school 70’s, 80’s and 90’s styles making a major reappearance - with a modern twist. Think suede, sunset hues, and classic silhouettes crafted from eco-friendly materials. So the biggest question is - which decade to run (or walk swiftly) with? 

It’s not all nostalgia, though. Performance shoes in particular are sporting the same kind of candy colours we see dominating crops, shorts and sets. Coming in soft pastel shades like lilac, rose, and mint, they’ll support your feet - while looking good enough to eat.

Cap It All Off

If you’re going to brave the Aussie sun to hit the pavement (or the track, or the field, or the court…you do you), your outfit isn’t complete without a hat. What’s that? Not a hat person? Luckily, there’s a hat for every shape and size (and style) this season, with retro truckers, classic caps, and lightweight, unisex visors.

Many of these are workout multitaskers, with built-in sweatbands and fast-drying, breathable fabric. A hat that keeps the sun off and soaks up the excess sweat to stop you from looking like a human puddle? Yes, please!

Accessories to go

We all know accessories make the outfit. But when it comes to summer, they also serve the important purpose of keeping you cool, comfortable, and hydrated.

You can’t go past a quality pair of sports socks (a highly underrated Christmas gift too, IMHO) to keep you comfy and dry during your workout. Ditto for a decent workout mat to keep you stable as you Downward Dog (or tackle those crunch sets).

We all know it’s important to drink water before, during, and after a workout, but it’s twice as important during summer, when your body’s working up a thirst just by existing. You can’t go past a good-sized, reusable water bottle made of insulated stainless steel (in this season’s chrome colours for added futuristic vibes).

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