Headline article image Unlock more sales this Afterpay Day.

Unlock more sales this Afterpay Day.

Your guide to making the most of Afterpay Day 2023. Discover tips, tools and insights to boost your bottom line.

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar shop or an online business (or a mix of both), it’s time to start planning your Afterpay Day strategy.

Why? Because this year, Afterpay Day is set to be bigger than ever, according to a new survey of more than 1000 Australians and New Zealanders*.

Afterpay Day is a big deal – literally.

Not only is awareness of Afterpay Day at a record high, with two-thirds of consumers aware of the event, but 81% of those are planning to shop.

And they are serious shoppers, with 72% spending up to $500 in previous years, and 36% planning to spend more than ever in 2023. In fact, Afterpay Day has the highest conversion rate of any major sale including Black Friday. The bottom line? This is a sale merchants shouldn’t miss.

Prep starts soon.

Planning is more important than ever this year. As consumers continue to feel the economic squeeze, more shoppers (one in two) are researching and planning their sale purchases than ever.

What does that mean for merchants? Not only is this a huge sales moment, where prices will drop but sales will soar, but retailers need to start preparing now. Start by putting the sale date – August 17 – in your calendar; we know Australia Post has. The next step is to submit your offer (by August 2) and start planning your promotional strategy.

What you need to know about shoppers’ plans.

The vast majority of people will be shopping Afterpay Day to take advantage of discounts (70%) and get value for money (54%). Fewer people than in previous years will be buying treats for friends and family (16%).

Fashion, beauty and wellness continue to top shoppers’ wish lists, but electronics, tech, furniture and homewares have shot up in popularity.

About three-quarters of shoppers will shop at least partly online, but 51% will shop at least partly in-store and there was also a sizeable growth in people planning to do their shopping in person.

How to create an offer that converts.

Most shoppers (80%) prefer fixed discounts – ideally 20-30% off. Spend and save (66%), a free gift with purchase (64%) and buy one, get one at a discounted price (63%) are also popular, according to our survey.

Once you’ve decided on your offer, it’s time to start spreading the word – on our channels and yours. Your first step should be submitting your offer so it appears on Afterpay’s Shop directory (after all, 67% of shoppers will be looking there).

After that, the fun really begins; from August 14 it’s time to build hype. 

Remember that Afterpay customers are looking for great deals; make it easy for them to find yours. Ensure your Afterpay Day offer is visible on your homepage (85% of e-commerce shoppers will look there) and social media channels (29% will be looking there). And if you’re a brick-and-mortar merchant? Start stocking up on visual merchandising assets.

Consider us your sale support team.

At Afterpay, we want you to enjoy your best Afterpay Day yet. 

To help you promote Afterpay Day, we’ve created a suite of customisable marketing templates, from social media posts to website banners and in-store print assets.

Whether you want ready-to-go assets or the option to customise your images or offers we’ve got you covered. Discover our marketing toolkits for online and in-store promotion and learn the best ways to use Afterpay Day creative assets with our merchant guide

Our support doesn’t stop there. We’ve asked merchants who have seen their sales soar during Afterpay Day for their tips for success so you can learn from their experiences. You can also read the full Afterpay Day Unlocked report for extra insights. 

From August 14, merchants are encouraged to start promoting their offers. It’s time to get excited! We know your customers will be. 

Don’t forget these dates

  • Offer submissions open: 4 July 

  • Submissions close: 2 August

  • Hype phase begins: 14 August 

  • Afterpay Day drops: 17 August 

  • Afterpay Day ends: 20 August 

*Source: All data has been taken from Afterpay Day Research ANZ August 2023.

All references to any registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Afterpay does not endorse or recommend any one particular supplier and the information provided is for educational purposes only.


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