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Shop Auto with Afterpay

Shop Automotive with Afterpay

Automotive products are one of those things that make life smoother, getting you from A to B in style and comfort. Spending time commuting to work, or venturing out on a road trip can be so much more enjoyable with some extra attention put into your vehicle.
Here at Afterpay, we are big fans of new-car smell and think road trips are better when cars are as safe and slick looking as they can be. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best automotive retailers so you can find what you need, and be on your way sooner.
Smarten up the interior of your car with some high-tech gadgets that make navigation seamless, driving smoother and impress your passengers. A bluetooth car kit amplifies sound and keeps you focused when a call comes through. A GPS tracker keeps you on track, and a smart lock means you can stop digging around in your handbag for keys or worry about leaving them behind somewhere.
A driving recorder, or dash cam as it is more commonly known, is becoming a must-have as life is unpredictable and you never quite know what’s coming next. An inverter is a great option for plugging in essential devices, such as laptops, without damaging the electrical components of your car. You can get your work done while you’re on the way to that last-minute meeting.
Tyres need to be in pristine condition when you’re setting out on any kind of trip, so grab a tool kit and rotate them yourself, or have a professional from our directory check them out for you.
Stepping up to a sparkling clean car says a lot about you as a person, as does the interior. Air fresheners, type polish and cleaning kits make keeping your vehicle looking and smelling fresh.