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Shop Mobile Phones & Tablets with Afterpay

Shop Mobile Phones & Tablets with Afterpay


Mobile phones and tablets have become those essential items that you just can’t leave home without, and with good reason. They keep us connected, and act as a calculator, address book, camera, calendar, personal assistant, encyclopaedia...there’s nothing they can’t do.

The connected crew here at Afterpay agree that you shouldn’t leave home without the magic of technology in your hands or tucked away in your backpack. They’ve put together a comprehensive list of retailers that are stocking these exact items. All you have to do is narrow down your specifications.

Mobile phones come in all shapes, sizes and colours these days, and the list of benefits and accessories are seemingly endless. Once you’ve chosen an operating system, and decided if you’re an iOS supporter or Android lover, it’s time to get kitted out.

Charging cables for home, the office and the car are basic necessities, so make sure you order a few. Even better if they’re USB or USC compatible, so you can charge your mobile phone using your laptop or computer.

A case to protect your mobile phone from the inevitable drop will be worth its weight in gold when it saves the screen from a miserable crack that could render the phone inoperative. Choose one that gives a little hint about your personality: bright and patterned, spelling out a slogan or positive mantra, or sleek and professional.

Tablets are much of the same, and you’ll need to choose between iOS and Android. Cases are just as important, particularly if you’re going to be handing it over to excited little ones. Stock up on the car cables, as having these fully charged is essential for a road trip.

Once you’ve made your selection, head to the online check out, where you can make the most of Afterpay’s easy instalment plan.