Welcome to the future of fashion.

An Australian-first comes to Fashion Week.

The experience.

Created exclusively for Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (31 May–4 June), Digi_Couture is an Australian-first digital fashion experience giving Fashion Week attendees the chance to be photographed in an exclusive, never-before-seen piece of digital fashion.


Challenging the status quo is at the heart of what we do at Afterpay. With Digi_Couture, we aim to ignite the conversation about the future of fashion and inspire shoppers, designers, brands and retailers to explore the new and exciting opportunities for creativity and self-expression that exist in the world of fashion.

What is digital fashion?

We believe in a future of fashion that is accessible, sustainable and diverse. Digital fashion provides a glimpse of this future vision, today.


Made of code, not cloth, digital fashion items only exist in the digital world. They can be worn by virtual models, in-game characters and, as seen with Digi_Couture, as augmented reality garments tailored to you and applied to photos that can be shared online.


Accessible and sustainable, digital fashion items are created without using natural resources (other than the energy used to power the digital hardware and software), shipping or packaging, create no waste, and can be accessed online anywhere, anytime. The ability to digitally tailor pieces to fit any body shape creates a new frontier of inclusive creativity and self-expression.

The Animator Overcoat.

An exclusive collaboration designed by

Toni Maticevski and The Fabricant.

The Digi_Couture experience centres around the ethereal Animator Overcoat. An Australian-first collaboration between iconic Australian designer Toni Maticevski and the world's leading digital fashion house, The Fabricant, the Animator Overcoat is Maticevski’s first digital fashion piece as well as The Fabricant's Australian debut.


The liquid aesthetic of the Animator Overcoat embodies the new fluidity between the physical and digital worlds, as well as between gender, materiality, beauty and hostility, the possible and the impossible. It offers the wearer a chance to express multiple concepts simultaneously.

‘The Animator Overcoat has elements of nature translated into a fantastical digital reality. Inspired by the sea urchin, the garment might look hostile from the outside, but it will soften the wearer's perspective on what identity means in this new world.’

- Amber Slooten, Co-Founder, Creative Director, The Fabricant

The design story.

Known for creative and challenging designs and impeccable craftsmanship, Maticevski led the initial design concept of the Animator Overcoat through a series of hand-drawn sketches and references, before partnering with The Fabricant to interpret into a digital prototype. In a wonderful collaboration, Maticevski gave The Fabricant licence to push his ideas further, creating something that would be impossible to realise in the physical world.

After Image After
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Digital dressing brought to life.

The Digi_Couture experience makes high fashion accessible to all, by enabling Fashion Week attendees to wear this groundbreaking item in the virtual world.

After having their photo taken by a fashion photographer, the largest international digital fashion platform, DressX, uses 3D design and visual production software to tailor the Animator Overcoat to fit each and every person, with the personalised image going back to the wearer to share online.

Digi_Couture powered by Afterpay is a sneak peek into the next generation of fashion. Welcome to the future.

The Animator Overcoat designed by

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