Small home decor ideas, from boujee to budget bargains.

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Aug 18, 2023      6 min read

As more people flock to cities in pursuit of an urban lifestyle (the convenience, the culture, the coffee – who can blame ‘em?), the size of our homes is shrinking. But just because your dwelling is small doesn’t mean you can’t think big when decorating.

From the art you hang on the walls to the kitchen gadgets that grace your countertop, the furnishings you choose – and where you put them – can help make even the pokiest room feel uber-palatial. Plus, a cheeky interior revamp can enhance the visual appeal of your home while adding some personal flair.

Read on as we share some nifty small home decor ideas and styling hacks to suit all budgets.

How to style small spaces like a pro. 

If you want to know how to style small spaces quickly and easily, you’ve come to the right place. Our first piece of advice? Kick your redecorating project off with some reflection. Literally – get yourself some mirrors! Using mirrors to create the illusion of more space is the oldest trick in the book, and boy, does it work wonders. Something with a delicate frame like the Mirror City ASA Pill Oval Brass Wall Mirror will also help tone down visual noise. 

Next, your choice of colours is critical. A neutral palette generally makes rooms feel calm and spacious, especially when used cohesively. This Bondi Woven Floor Rug is a fab place to start – sizing up can help your space look bigger too! 

Storage space is often lacking in small homes, where multi-use furniture saves the day. Sneaky under-bed drawers like the Havana Queen Bed Drawer Pack serve several functions, helping to free up space and keep things organised. Toss in some extra blankets, your favourite pyjamas and maybe a stash of snacks – your secret’s safe with us

Small-home style hacks to guide your revamp.

House owners and renters often have a little more space to play with than their apartment-dwelling counterparts, meaning you’ve got even more opportunities to maximize your small home style (e.g. the garage!). 

To avoid visual chaos, try creating a focal point in each room. Bookcases with concealed sections, like the Kobi Large Wide Bookcase with Panelled Doors, can showcase beautiful plants, vases and ornaments while also conquering clutter. If floor space is limited, consider installing a vast piece of wall art or statement light like this Wicker Hanging Lamp in Medium Black to tie everything together. 

When selecting furniture, keep versatility front of mind. Consider a side table that moonlights as a footstool, like this très chic Lucia Round Boucle Stool Coffee. And do you really need a chunky couch hogging all the space? This super roomy Tremblay Velvet Love Seat with Gold Base is a more compact option that’s just as cosy.

Apartment styling tips to try out.

Living it up in an apartment? We love that for you – this is where space-saving solutions have maximum impact. 

Many apartments feature an open plan, which is prone to crowding and overwhelm if not properly considered. Splitting the space into distinct zones is a clever way to bring order. Divide your pad with a creative application of colour palettes and statement decor – think about using a sizeable rug to mark the dining area and wallpaper to define a reading nook.

To further encourage a tidy vibe, consider: 

  • hiding your TV inside a credenza or disguising it as artwork 
  • creating a study nook with a strategically positioned desk, curtain or partition
  • investing in a robot vacuum that can easily navigate tight set-ups 
  • using trinket bowls like Sage x Clare’s Petal Bowl to keep objects like keys, clips and coins in one place

Desperate to regain floor space? Fold-away furniture like the NOBU Wallbed Vertical and this Foldable Desk with Bookshelf gives you more room to move by packing away easily when not in use. And who needs a bulky media console when you can mount your TV and speaker system on the wall?

Update your digs with Afterpay. 

With some space-saving furnishings and a little strategic thinking, styling petite spaces isn’t as tricky as you may think. You can transform your itty bitty abode into a grand escape you’ll love to live in simply by incorporating a few small home decor ideas that match your taste.

Time to let your inner curator run wild – shop now with Afterpay!

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