Unique wellness gifts for self-care gurus.

by Afterpay
Nov 13, 2022      6 min read

Everyone has that friend in their lives that is a mega wellness expert. You know - the one that owns every bath salt, sleep mask, lounge pant and massage gun under the sun?

Basically, if your mate was a country, their national sport would be self-care. While you were off buying your very first proper moisturiser, they were a certified lord/lady of leisure and had already amassed an extensive collection of facial Gua Sha tools. 

So, the question becomes - what on earth do you get them for xmas that they don’t already have? Never fear, we got you. Your mission to find the ultimate gift to bring relaxation doesn’t need to come with the irony of stressing out to the max. 

With under-the-radar wellness products you’ve never even heard of - and some of our fave usual suspects sprinkled in - we’ve rounded up the most unique and trending wellness gifts to impress the self-care guru in your life. 

The mother of all yoga mats. 

Yes, your yoga bunny bestie probably has a yoga mat. But does the mat have an innovative lululemon 3D-texture that helps you feel your way around and stay centred in poses without looking down? We think not… 

Fitness supplements, but make it wobble.

Your friend has probably had their fair share of collagen and protein supplements, but have they ever had it in jelly form? Nutritious, delicious and jiggly, Muscle Nation’s Protein Jelly + Collagen will bring the fun-factor to their pre-workout. 

The ultimate bath bomb kit.

Sure, they have bath salts and maybe a bath bomb or two, but do they have 15 crazy coloured ones? Now they do. 

The ultimate trainers. 

There’s a good chance your self-care buddy is also an absolute fiend for the gym (the two often go hand in hand.) If that’s the case, then high quality trainers are a spot-on gift. Alternatively, you could gift them a sleek activewear set or even a chill pair of street sneakers they can wear as they dash between boxing class and their weekly float therapy session. 

An anti-wrinkle sleep mask.

You’ve seen the Skin LED Light Therapy mask, but have you seen the anti-wrinkle sleep mask? Light-blocking and made of a mulberry silk blend, it also has a raised silicone dot design, said to increase emotional relaxation by 67%. Wow. 

A bidet. Yes, a bidet. 

B’det mate! Look, this is a bit of an out-there gift. But even the most seasoned wellness experts aren't likely to have them. Of course, you’re not going to lug a whole toilet over to them, so this nifty device is a bidet ‘attachment’. 

They’re a total game-changer, so now that self-care whizz can experience a whole new world of wellness…  south of the border. Merry xmas! 

A different kind of candle-making kit.

Your self-care guru buddy has a thousand candles and about a hundred candle making kits. But now, they have a candle making kit with body moulds, which we have been led to believe is extremely classy. Nice. 

Mug warmer.

No matter how many different herbal and exotic teas your wellness obsessed bestie has, they’re all useless if the drink goes cold before every single happiness-inducing drop can be enjoyed. Introducing: the mug warmer. This is an equally thrilling prezzie for the account executive at work who spends too much time catching up on emails every morning to properly enjoy a hot drink. Great, great gift. 

A healing consultation.

Feeling good just reached a whole other level, with an actual healing consultation. Your mate will absolutely love it.

A mini massage gun. 

Of course they already own a massage gun - they may well have four or five. But do they have a MINI one for travel? This is a winning gift for the travel-obsessed friend with relentless shoulder tension.

A top-notch teeth whitening kit. 

Give your mate the gift of flawless pearly whites and watch them smile even more. But, make sure you carefully select the friend you give this to - one who won’t take it as a backhanded comment about their current smile situation. Otherwise, you may well never see them smile in your presence again… 

A posture trainer. 

Even those who commit to regular stretching can struggle with good posture, especially if they’re a desk worker. A posture trainer will be a god-send to your friend. 

A cleansing wine purifier. 

Sulfites, be gone! Your health conscious mate deserves only the best, plus, not everyone has copious bottles of pét nats just casually lying around. Enter: the easy-pour wine purifier.

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