The coolest dog accessories for the goodest boys and girls.

by Afterpay
Jan 23, 2023      5 min read

Sure, they might force us to exercise daily and make small talk with strangers at the park, but damn, do we worship our dogs. These babies give us unconditional love and companionship at all hours of the day. And they never judge our poor choices.

Like us, dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. So whether you have a dog park socialite, brunch pooch, adventure doggo, or latchkey lassie, we want to celebrate them all.


Afterpay has found the most excellent dog accessories for every Rex, Millie, and Banjo to help you give thanks to these supreme beings.

The dog park socialite.

The dog park socialite brings main character energy everywhere they go. So naturally, they’re in their element at the dog park. Dog accessories that help them look and act their best means you maximise flirt time with that Husky owner you’ve been eyeing.

Yeah, a dog harness makes life easier, but do they have to be so…blah? Luckily, BFF Dogwear has a solution. We love their stylish walking bundles, including a harness, lead, and poop bag holder in various patterns. How about upping the cute factor with a scrunchie for yourself in matching fabric? BFF makes those too.

An adjustable leash splitter lets you simultaneously walk two dogs while still looking cool. Pablo & Co’s Out of This World splitter is covered with a space-themed print and durable webbing to keep even the stubbornest of good boys in check.

Take walkies to the next level with practical pet accessories, including a portable food and drink feeder for your pooch. The Typo Dog On-the-Go Eat Drink Set features a durable plastic water bottle and silicone bowl for happiness (aka snacks) wherever you go.

The brunch pooch.

Admit it; brunch hits differently when you’ve got the right fit. And the brunch pooch won’t be seen in anything less. Raincoats, puffer vests, and nail polish – dogs are having a fashion moment and we. are. loving. it.

A cute little bandana is the standard in minimalist accessories for dogs. But throw some pink pom poms and tie-dye on it? You’ve got our attention. Love Hachi Designs has created the Peachy Keen Dye Dog Bandana that features both. Think we can borrow some time?

When the temp drops, keep your baby warm without sacrificing the look. Winter-friendly dog accessories like this sherpa fleece lined denim dog vest from Pup Swag oughta do the trick. Rain getting your good boy down? The fabulous, teal-coloured trench coat from Sebastian Says is lightweight and water-resistant.

Does everyone at the brunch spot want to know your dog’s name? We don’t blame them. They’re cool as hell. The Bark Side’s dog tags are made with lightweight alloy and four vibrantly striped colour combos. Plus, you get three lines for custom engraving anything your heart desires.

With looks this good, you’ll never pay for a puppuccino again.

The adventure doggo.

Whatever the action, adventure doggo is there. Early morning hike? Check. Camping trip? Check. Taking the rubbish out on a Wednesday night? Double check. The bonus of this dog is that you get to spend loads of time with them because they’re always down for anything.

Dog car accessories are the perfect gift for these keen adventurers. A hammock car seat cover keeps their fur off the seat and their butts comfy. The universal-sized Premium Hammock Car Seat Cover from Big & Little Dogs is one of our faves. It’s quilted and padded on top, with non-slip rubber on the bottom. Win-win.

Shy of getting them their own car seat, a car restraint is the next best thing to keep your pooch safe. Pablo & Co makes an adjustable dog seat belt with a cute wildflower print that can do just that. And if you decide to fully kit out your car with both pet accessories? No judgement from us. Your pooch will love it.

Adventure doggo loves to hit the trails or explore the bush. All About Doggz makes a super bright Visibility Vest with durable Cordura and a soft wool lining, giving equal parts safety and comfort. And for the baddest B on the mountain, what about a rugged leather-look collar from RM Williams? All the coolness of the Top Gun bomber jacket in a small dog collar package.

The latchkey lassie.

Like a little latchkey kid, this pooch spends some time alone at home while you work. And they might be a little salty about it. But hey, these dog treats aren’t gonna pay for themselves. Protect against puppy dog eyes and parent guilt with luxury pet accessories like dog beds, onesies, and dog perfume.

Some dogs need constant supervision, even for drinkies. Anti-splash dog accessories are perfect for the latchkey lassie who might not always have it. The All Fur You Anti-Splash Dog Water Bowl features an outer rim and floating plate that keeps the water in the bowl and your dog’s mouth, but never on the floor. Praise be.

The wet dog smell is so passé. Dog perfumes are in. Harlow Harry’s Dog Shampoo and Perfume is just one delightful option to improve doggy aroma. Plus, their products are vegan, pH-balanced, and vet-approved. He protect. He attack. And now he smells like a snack.

Is your good boy (or girl) a little bit boujie? Same. The Boujad Dog Bed from Sebastian Says gives boho-chic with natural dyes and Moroccan artisanal weaving. Or up the cosy factor with a polyester fleece duck print onesie from Pablo & Co. But don’t blame us when they look so cute you don’t want to leave for work.

Your dogs deserve to be pampered, darling, and with Afterpay, there’s an option for every type of pup and budget. Make 2023 the year of the dog in your home with our favourite pooch-approved dog accessories.

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