Headline article image More than just payments: How Afterpay can be a marketing lever for your brand

More than just payments: How Afterpay can be a marketing lever for your brand

A big part of our commitment to merchant partners includes support in marketing Afterpay to their customers. Beyond the basics--such as visuals and brand assets--we love collaborating with retailers on innovative campaigns. 

Case in point: Our Valentine’s collaboration with TikTok creators, which resulted in above-average engagement and view rates for the participating Afterpay brand partners. Read on to learn how we implemented this engaging campaign and get inspired for the upcoming Afterpay Day. 

What We Did

Leveraging TikTok best practices, we rallied influencers and brands around a central message, “4x the Love” and used the platform’s interactive voting sticker element. We’re excited to share that Afterpay merchants were the first advertisers to use voting stickers in a One Day Max, which are video ads that run for one day only. 

How We Did It

Creators were provided with a creative brief to ensure consistency in messaging and CTAs, but were encouraged to develop content in their unique styles. This was important to reinforce authenticity and engagement with their followers. 

We then ran a series of three creator videos as In-Feed Ads, each one on a consecutive day leading up to Valentine’s Day. Each video featured a different brand. On the fourth day, we ran a premium ad, boosted from @afterpayusa’s organic post for massive reach. This was a compilation video stitched together by the Afterpay team, featuring all three participating brands. 

The Results

In-feed ads from creators that used the voting sticker element saw engagement rates 26% above average for in-feed videos, view rates 2x above average, and watch time 2x above average. Plus, our cohesive messaging around “4x the Love” drove a 2.2% increase in awareness

Inspired? This month’s Afterpay Day is a great opportunity to get creative with your marketing efforts, all while giving your customers a fairer way to pay.

Interested in marketing your brand with Afterpay? Reach out to our team today by clicking here.


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