Headline article image “Afterpay has been very attractive to our younger customers.”

“Afterpay has been very attractive to our younger customers.”

Beauty entrepreneur Emma Lewisham on how Afterpay helps her luxury brand reach more customers.

The Afterpay Advantage:

  • Afterpay offers flexibility for customers.

  • Afterpay provides up-front cash flow.

  • Afterpay appeals to younger customers, aged 18-25.

As a pioneering beauty entrepreneur whose products are stocked around the world, Emma Lewisham has a talent for understanding what women want.

From natural skincare products that deliver real results to 100% climate-positive packaging, Lewisham is constantly innovating - and always listening to her customers. “Listening and responding to our customer is really important to me,” says Lewisham.

In fact, it was customer demand that convinced her to offer Afterpay.

“The reason we knew [to launch] Afterpay was because we listened to our customers… and we could see that feedback coming through.”

It was a decision that continues to deliver business benefits, including making the brand’s luxury products available to younger customers, says Lewisham.

About Emma Lewisham.

Emma Lewisham launched her brand in 2019 after dissatisfaction with the natural beauty products she’d tried. Five years on, the New Zealand brand, which marries luxury skincare with natural ingredients and a circular model, is experiencing soaring growth.

The brand, with its distinctive purple packaging, is stocked in Mecca stores across Australia, as well as Space NK boutiques in the UK and prestigious department stores such as Harrods.

Afterpay makes luxury accessible.

Lewisham says that Afterpay has helped grow the business by making the products – which retail for between $76 and $138 – more accessible to younger people in particular. “As soon as we launched, the number in the 18-25 bracket went through the roof.”

Now, offering Afterpay is more important than ever. “We have seen that Afterpay has been very attractive to younger customers who want to manage their spending or get paid weekly rather than fortnightly."

Afterpay offers customers flexibility.

Lewisham says that Afterpay enables customers to manage their spending. “The biggest benefit of partnering with Afterpay has been the ability to provide people with more flexibility around payment.”

Afterpay helps with business cash flow.

For businesses, Afterpay delivers cash upfront. When asked if she’d recommend Afterpay to other merchants, Lewisham doesn’t hesitate, saying the benefit is two-fold: “It is definitely worthwhile; it gives your customers a more flexible payment option, yet as a merchant receiving the funds up-front helps with business cashflow.”

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