Topicals Skincare: “Afterpay is super important for brands aimed at Gen Z and Millennials.”

Topicals skincare founder Olamide Olowe signed up to Afterpay early on.

When Topicals Skincare founder Olamide Olowe launched her beauty brand, which is aimed at people with chronic skincare conditions, one of the first steps she took was partnering with Afterpay.

Why? It’s an expected payment method among Gen Z and Millennials, says Olowe - who is herself just 24. “At this point, if you don’t have Buy Now Pay Later, it’s [comparable to] not having credit card processing, back in the day.”

Olowe adds that Afterpay is especially important for emerging and indie brands, as it eases the path to purchase and makes it easier for Gen Z and Millennials to test new brands. “As a business owner, you’re always trying to [convince customers to shop with you for the first time] to get that first sale.

Afterpay gives people the freedom and the flexibility to try a new brand.

- Olamide Olowe, Topicals co-founder

“Afterpay lowers the barriers to entry [especially] for customers who are on the fence about purchasing your product. It’s a huge differentiator - it gives people the freedom and the flexibility to try a new brand.”

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