Headline article image Are you ready for Single’s Day?

Are you ready for Single’s Day?

Discover how to make the most of this fast-growing – but often overlooked – sale event

With the end-of-year sales season fast approaching, one date should be standing out for Australian retailers above all others, and that’s Single’s Day.

Having generated over $200 billion in global sales last year, Single’s Day 2022 is set to be one of the most significant sales events of the year, and more importantly, a day that offers huge potential for Australian retailers.

From creating the perfect Single’s Day sale, reaching potential shoppers and maximising online sales, here’s everything you need to know about Single’s Day 2022 and how to prepare for your most successful sales event ever.

What is Single’s Day?

Popularised by Chinese retail giant Alibaba in 2009, Single’s Day is celebrated on 11 November each year and - thanks to its date, featuring the numeral one repeated four times (11:11), it’s seen as a kind of anti-Valentine’s Day – and an opportunity for single people to treat and pamper themselves.

 As Mark Tanner, Managing Director of marketing, branding and research agency China Skinny explains, “Single’s Day rules the roost for sales events in China, and globally. Whilst China is peppered with online sales often covering specific categories, Single’s Day is all-encompassing and covers every product category and every demographic.”

Why is Single’s Day significant for Australian businesses?

Australian products have long been a favourite of Chinese consumers – particularly health and wellness products like vitamins and supplements – something Single’s Day data confirms. In 2019, for example, Australia was the second biggest Single’s Day shopping nation, after China and even beating out shoppers in India and South Korea.

“The opportunity for Australian brands is to reach hundreds of millions of consumers, build awareness and encourage trial, and also test the appetite of products,” Tanner says, adding, “Clever strategies allow brands to convert consumers who buy on Single’s Day to longer-term loyal customers.”

Should your business take part in Single’s Day?

While most industries are likely to see sales success on Single’s Day, data from previous years shows that apparel, footwear, health and supplements and food and beverages are among the most popular categories.

How can retailers make the most out of Single’s Day?

When it comes to social media promotion, the first step is to identify if your consumers are living in Australia, China, or both and target any paid advertising accordingly.

For businesses taking part in the sales for the first time, Tanner suggests thinking outside the box when it comes to exclusive Single’s Day offers. 

“Promotions shouldn’t be just about discounting. New products are a great way to garner attention as well.” 

“Promotions shouldn’t be just about discounting. New products are a great way to garner attention as well.” 

- Mark Tanner , China Skinny

Social media strategist Jordan Lomax adds that during Single’s Day, a lot of brands create discounts or promotions based on the number one or 11, such as offering 11 per cent off products. Others focus on “self-love” products or bundles. 

“My suggestion would be to put paid behind a competition for Single’s Day (e.g. Win the ultimate self love pack) with the competition mechanism being to enter with email. The cost per lead will be much cheaper than a cost per purchase campaign at this time of year, and then you've built a list to send your upcoming sales comms to.

Caroline Jessett, the head of growth at JSHealth Vitamins adds that for brands that have a large Chinese customer base Single’s Day has the potential to outperform BFCM.

Unlike BFCM, though, “ it's less about the sale and more about the customer,” she says, adding that brands should think carefully about their target audience and “tailor the messaging so it fits them”.

"Unlike BFCM, Single's Day is less about the sale and more about the customer."

- Caroline Jessett, JS Health Vitamins

Jessett notes that when it comes to social media, “there isn’t a one-size fits all approach.”

Instead, she recommends testing different forms of content like reels, carousels and live videos as well as different types of content like tutorials or product user guides as well as priotitising VIP customers who are likely to shop across multiple sale events like Singles Day and Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

“Because these days are so close to each other, think about your loyal customers and how their buying patterns might be affected during this time. Offering a cross-sell discount or [supplementing] their last purchase with a gift could be a good idea, and provide the best value to your customers,” Jessett says.

“Simplicity is key, whether that's a blanket discount or a gift with purchase – make it easy for the customer to use and see so they don't have to think too much about how it works.”

Your Single's Day checklist

  • Create promotions that excite the consumer and potentially relate to the theme of singles.

  • Target your social media advertising to specific areas.

  • Educate potential consumers about your brand and products.

  • Ensure your desktop and mobile sites offer seamless shopping experiences ahead of Single’s Day.

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