Prepare to party! The ultimate festival camping checklist.

by Afterpay
Jul 26, 2023      7 min read

Music festival public transport lines? No thanks, we’d rather camp! 

Camping at a music festival is a great way to soak up the full festival experience, as it provides a good op to meet new people and spend extra time with your pals. But it can also spoil the experience if you’ve rocked up without the creature comforts you’ll need to feel recharged.  

We’re all about dazzling festival outfits, incredible tunes and non-stop partying, for sure! But at the end of a big day, nothing’s better than coming back to a perfectly prepped camping set-up *chef’s kiss*.

Ahead, we explore the essential festival camping checklist items that’ll help make your adventure a breeze. 

The perks of a solid festival camping checklist.

Proper prep is the key to making the most of your festival camping experience. With the right gear in tow, you’ll have everything you need to relax, refuel and refresh between band sets. 

Not sure what to bring festival camping? Start by listing the obvious items you’ll need to easily navigate the event, like tickets (you won’t get far without ‘em!), directions to the site, a map of the grounds and a torch. Oh, and a fabulous bum bag to keep your essentials close at hand (how could we forget). 

Now let’s add the extra gear you’ll need for a campsite you’ll be glad to come back to.

Extra, or just the right amount of extra? You decide. 

Camping festival essentials to relax.

Setting up a sanctuary at the festival grounds starts with some shelter and sleeping essentials. It’s worth investing in quality products here – you’ll want to be getting decent hangover-busting sleep each night, so you’re GTG come morning. 

A good tent is an absolute must-have. Choose one that suits your needs in terms of size, durability and ease of set-up. The Illumina X Ultralight Hiking Tent gets our tick of approval, with its fully sealed double-layer design providing reliable all-weather protection for two. (And yep – it’s quick and easy to pitch!) 

Comfy, weather-appropriate sleeping bags and air beds like the Mountain Warehouse Double Size Flocked Airbed will also help you catch some solid ZZZs. 

For a totally boujee relaxation station, bring some foldable camping chairs and a Cotton Crochet Hammock for socialising during downtime. 

Camping festival essentials to refuel.

Partying all day long can work up quite an appetite, so don’t forget to bring camp kitchen equipment and food supplies!  

A portable stove and lightweight cookware are ideal for whipping up delish, low-effort meals at the campsite. Got a fair few mouths to feed? The ultra-convenient Jetboil Sumo Cooking System has a generous 1.8-litre cooking cup and is fantastically versatile. Don’t forget to pack some plates and cups – these colourful Starburst Bamboo Melamine Tumblers are IT.

Next, a trusty cooler or esky like the compact ROADIE® 24 HARD COOLER will keep your perishables and bevvies fresh all festival long. Make sure to toss in some ice packs! 

Finally, you’re going to be on your feet most of the day, so you’ll also want to stock up on easy-to-carry, non-perishable snacks for on the go. 

Camping festival essentials to refresh.

Festivals can be muddy, crowded and chaotic, so make sure to take some hygiene and personal care essentials (or risk copping some bombastic side-eye from fellow revellers). 

A portable shower and toiletries will keep you feeling squeaky clean. Providing hot water in seconds, Companion’s AquaHeat Lithium Gas Shower is super easy to connect and provides up to two hours of run time off a full charge. Slather on some nourishing skincare like Vanilla Mozi’s Outdoor Body Cream after drying your bod for a little luxury – with the added bonus of keeping pesky insects at bay. 

Essential hygiene items like toilet paper, hand san and wet wipes are absolute lifesavers when the restroom situation is less than ideal (IYKYK … *shudders*). Before you hit the road, we recommend hitting up Chemist Warehouse to stock up on these essentials. 

Refreshing your look every morning? You can’t do festival glam sitting on the ground! A good (and aesthetic) floor cushion is a good shout for your camp set-up, as it adds an extra layer of lush that no one can go without. We love Picnic Mantra’s Avelene Floor Cushion for its boho vibes and decent size. 

Tick off your checklist for festival camping with Afterpay.

Festival camping is all about embracing the moment, creating lifelong memories and immersing yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience. Getting your festival camping checklist sorted ahead of time ensures you won’t miss a beat. 

Got a few items to snap up? Afterpay is available on a wide range of quality camping gear, so you can snag everything you need now and pay better over time. Happy camping! 

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