Sick of counting sheep? These are the best gadgets for sleep.

by Afterpay
Aug 16, 2023      5 min read

Spending nights counting sheep, reliving awkward moments in your head and mainlining chamomile tea? Yeah, falling asleep can be a bummer.

With the busyness of modern life, it’s no wonder we struggle to doze off. But thanks to some savvy minds, the best gadgets for sleep are right at our fingertips. Sleep masks, white noise machines and calming coloured lights; there’s a sleep solution for everyone.

Struggling to catch those elusive z’s? Afterpay gets the low down on lying down – and staying there.

Bright idea: LED light colour to help you sleep.

When you think of all the tech we use daily (ahem, and right before bed), is it any wonder we’re a little wired? The blue light emitting from all those devices disrupts our circadian rhythm and tricks our bodies into thinking it’s daytime.

Short of giving up your gadgets, you can use the right LED light colour to help you sleep.

A warm, red light can ease anxieties and stress about sleep and make drifting off easier. The GALACTICNIGHT™ Sunset Lamp is a fun way to soak up red light before bed and emulate a gorgeous, calming sunset before sleep. Or a gentle, dimmable light – such as the Dimi LED Night Light – keeps things chill, even if you need to turn it on in the middle of the night.

Embrace the dark side with an eye mask.

ICYMI: light can keep you awake. That’s why eye masks are so popular (plus they keep you looking pretty glam). Eye masks block out light, helping you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. 

A self-warming eye mask is one of the best gadgets for sleep, creating a luxurious experience at bedtime. This bundle from Lula features scented and unscented masks for a truly indulgent send-off. It’s also comfy enough to keep on all night, so you can get the quality shut-eye you crave.

Or, add a little tech to your bedtime routine with the Therabody Smart Goggles. This innovative headwear creates a personalised sleep experience, promotes relaxation, eases tension and decreases headache pain.

Sleep on the go with travel-friendly picks.

Sure, the life of a jet setter is fun, but it’s easy to lose sleep when you’re forever adventuring. Enter travel-friendly gadgets for snoozing on the go.

Eye masks and travel pillows should be at the top of your packing list. Blocking out light with an eye mask can help to level out the time zones and reduce jet lag. A travel pillow makes seated snoozing more comfy and prevents the awkward situation of resting your head on the stranger beside you. Combine them with the Dream Cabeau Travel Pack, made with soothing memory foam for super relaxed in-air sleep.

Noise-cancelling headphones aren’t just listening to music. Block out unwanted sound or get lost in a great in-flight and make the journey to your European vacay less taxing. Our favourite? With 22 hours of listening time, the Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones will last the whole flight.

Kids coming along? Inventions like the Plane Pal – a blow-up bed that fits between their seat and the one in front – relieve some of the stress. And once you arrive? The YogaSleep TravelCube is a portable white noise machine for blocking out any disruptions.

Don’t sleep on these snooze-friendly gadgets.

When chamomile tea and counting sheep no longer cut it, it’s time to call in the big guns. We’ve made it easy to catch z’s with minimal effort. Shop the best gadgets for sleep with Afterpay.

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