Personalised doggy harnesses: put some ‘woof’ in their wardrobe.

by Afterpay
Feb 23, 2023      6 min read

You’ve spent countless hours picking the pawfect name for your pooch. And now you’ve found it, you want the entire world to know! A personalised doggy harness lets you and your pup flaunt their fabulous name for everyone to see. 

Say sayonara to basic collars and engraved metal tags. Today, we’re all about expressing personality and style with colour and customisation. Dog accessories have come a long, long way, and our furry friends are here for it.

No matter what your doggo loves to do – from a puppuccino brunch date with an under-the-table nap to a thrill-seeking stick-finding adventure in the great outdoors – there’s a personalised dog harness out there to match. 

Because the whole world (or at least the dog park) should know that little Ferdinand has the best doggy name in the neighbourhood.

Let their pawsonality sparkle: customised and personalised dog harnesses.

Let’s start with the basics: doggy harnesses. The epitome of style and comfort, these wardrobe staples are functional enough for a trot-n-sniff around the block yet cute enough to wear to brunch. Harnesses are truly the athleisure wear of the dog world. 

Plus, a custom dog harness with their name on it means no more jingling tags. If you find yourself separated from your BFF (best furry friend), they can be easily identified and returned to you. 

But what exactly is a harness, and why do you need one? 

When our BFFs are out on a W-A-L-K, they can get a ‘lil excited and pull on their collar, causing injury to their necks and throats. A dog harness straps around your pup’s torso, spreading the pressure over their sturdy chest area, so you can guide them while keeping them uber-comfy. 

But all this function doesn't have to be boring. See Exhibit A: the Modern Pets Personalised Pet Harness in Candy Hearts. It's sassy, sweet and a little bit outrageous. No bones about it. 

If sophistication is more your (treat) bag, Tommy & Bella’s Navy Dog Harness With Tan Trim is for you. Everyone looks 10/10 in navy – pups included – and the tasteful tan trim is vegan leather. Good for the planet, good for the doggos. 

A little bit sporty, a little bit sleek, Pawezy’s Easy Fit Dog Harness is an absolute icon. This all-rounder is available in a whopping 13 colours with customisable side labels so you can feature your pup’s name loud and proud. 

And if your bud is a serious adventurer, you’ll need something a little more hardcore to keep up. Enter the Ezydog Express Harness. With its reflective trim, moulded grab handle and contoured EVA foam inner pads, it’s perfect for walking and running. This harness puts the ‘can’ in canine. 

Ditch the drag: no-pull dog harnesses with personalised details. 

The hot new thing in dog fashion, no-pull harnesses are currently getting some major airtime. If a doggy harness is athleisure, a no-pull harness is performance wear. 

These specialised harnesses are designed to stop your dog from pulling on their harness, dragging you along the footpath and hurting themselves. They clip at the front of the body to discourage pulling and allow you to guide your pooch back to your side. 

No-pull harnesses are great for doggies who are spirited and need a little extra control. Think big dogs, pups who are learning leash etiquette and ones who bolt when they see a cat. Or a bird. Or a leaf. Or their own shadow. IYKYK. 

Like a standard dog harness, no-pull harnesses come in a massive range of colours and styles to suit every Taco, Max and Molly. In 5 stunning colours, Pawezy’s Personalised No Pull Dog Harness is an absolute fave. Easy to use, it clips on in seconds. Less time mucking around with clips = more time for walkies. What a win! If you’re after even more colour options, Dog Friendly Co.’s Signature Kit has an enormous range, including neutrals, pastels, bolds and camos. 

Not everyone wants or needs to use a no-pull harness all the time. So for the ultimate flexibility, check out the EzyDog UpFront D-Ring Attachment, which effortlessly converts a standard harness into a no-pull, no problemo.

Keep it classic: dog collars with personality.

Collars. They’re classic, classy and an essential part of any pooch’s capsule wardrobe. 

If you love your dog’s name and want to show it off 27/7, a personalised collar – like Rover Pet Products Originals – could be perf for your pup since they can wear it all the time (not just on walks). 

For something understated and special, WK&D have you sorted with their gorge Country Style Dog Collars. If your pupper is a little diamond in the ruff who was born to stand out, the Modern Pets Personalised Dog Collar in Rainbow Dreams might be more their style. 

And if you find yourself longing for the good old days of collars and tags, check out The Horse Dog Collar. Beautifully crafted from environmentally certified leather in neutral colours, this blast from the past comes complete with elegant brass hardware and an engravable tag. 

A personalised doggy harness: pamper your pup with a tailored touch.

Your discerning doggo deserves some bling that’s as unique as they are. And with so much choice, there’s something for every taste and budget. Shop online with Afterpay. 

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