Headline article image Help your customers find the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

Help your customers find the perfect gift this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time of year to celebrate the moms in our lives, and consumers tend to celebrate by purchasing gifts for Mom. And that spend is only increasing.

In the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, we often see certain product categories that Moms love experience significant increases in sales. According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers planned to spend an average of $220.48 in anticipation of Mother’s Day, an increase of $15.74 over 2020. The NRF also cited greeting cards, jewelry, flowers, and electronic devices as key product categories.

This Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to put your business in front of customers in search of that extra special gift for Mom. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you have your biggest Mother’s Day yet.

1. Know your audience

Rather than promoting sitewide, now is a great time to look at which products are most relevant for Mother’s Day and put them front and center. Adding a homepage banner to your website, creating a dedicated page for Mother’s Day products, or displaying top-selling gifts for Mom on your homepage are all great ways to connect with shoppers. Clearly signaling to your customers that you have the exact categories of products they’re looking for will improve the shopping experience and hopefully your conversions too!

2. Promote for growth

Shoppers are always looking for a bargain, but you can make your promotions work for you! Why not offer a discount when customers reach a certain basket size, such as “$20 off for every $150 you spend.” Alternatively, consider pursuing offers that incentivize shoppers to increase the number of items in-cart, such as “Buy 2+ items and get 20% off”. By running promotions that emphasize bigger basket sizes and higher-margin products, you’ll deliver value to the customer without damaging your bottom-line.

3. Utilize social channels

Customers depend on social media for gift ideas, and that’s where your business should be! Take an organic approach by posting your promotions and your featured Mother’s Day products - don’t forget to include relevant hashtags that consumers commonly search for such as #mothersday. If you’re looking to push heavily into social media, running paid social campaigns or reiterating your promotion across multiple organic posts can go a long way toward targeting new customers.

Social channels are so critical to generating interest and engagement among shoppers, which is why we’ve put together some handy Mother’s Day templates you can use to attract even more shoppers!

4. Reach repeat customers

Now is a great time to look back at your database to see which customers purchased a Mother’s Day gift from you last year. Your next email campaign, for example, could be segmented toward repeat customers to deliver messaging specifically for those who already know that Mom has loved your products in the past. And for customers who may not have purchased from your business last year, a segmented message containing an exclusive Mother’s Day promotion may be just what you need to win the sale.

5. Offer a little extra

Everybody wants their Mom to feel special on Mother’s Day, so be sure to surprise and delight throughout the delivery and unboxing experience as well. Offering complimentary Mother’s Day cards, providing gift wrapping services for a fee, providing express delivery services, or even including free chocolates are all small touches that can leave a huge impression on the shopping experience! The products you sell are already uniquely yours, but it’s the attention to detail that happens throughout the gift-giving process that will make your brand feel truly special.


Written by
Sarah Kelly
Sarah Kelly is the B2B Marketing Manager for ANZ at Afterpay, creating business-facing content to add value, offer support and help our merchants grow.
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