Asset library.

Given that customers who use Afterpay shop +50%* more frequently than those who do not, it pays to promote the fact that you offer Afterpay across your marketing materials using our asset library.  

Here you’ll find all the assets you need to promote Afterpay on your website, socials and emails. We update assets from time to time, so make sure you check back once in a while to ensure you’re using the most current version.

I'm not sure what I need

Our logo is made up of two elements: the Loop and the word Afterpay. They must always appear together and only in the colors specified.


One of the clearest ways to communicate that you have Afterpay is to include a rotating banner at the top of your home page. This alerts customers to the fact that Afterpay is available from the moment they enter the site. It’s also a good idea to have ‘always on’ tiles appear on different pages, including at checkout, to remind customers they can Afterpay their purchase.

Social media.

Social media acts as a virtual shop front, providing a powerful way to let customers know you offer Afterpay. Use these ready-made assets with our approved messaging to create awareness and spread the word on your socials.


Providing customers with the Afterpay price breakdown in regular newsletters is a great way to drive sales. Another option is to create a dedicated (or solus) email to announce that you have Afterpay.

*US Mastercard Incrementality Study, July 2021