Brand collaboration.

There will be times when you’ll want to show your brand’s logo with ours. Here are some rules on how to do that.

Visual balancing.

Use visual balancing to ensure all logos have the same weight. Scale paired wordmarks to have similar letter size and weight. Even when logos have different sizes and shapes, care should be used to maintain visual balance.

Partnership symbol.

Use an “X” to symbolize the relationship between Afterpay and your brand. The Afterpay Logo appears first in sequence with your logo. Use the spacing indicated below to create the lock-up.

  • The “X” is equal to the height of the Afterpay Logo.
  • The stroke weight is 1px.
  • The cap ends of the stroke are rounded.
  • The lines in the “X” are rotated at 45 ̊

Color usage.

As a rule, always ensure RGB versions of logos are used. Where this is problematic for reasons of contrast and legibility, using  Black or White versions is acceptable. Make sure to use all RGB or all Black and White versions when placing logos together.

Logo or Badge.

Make the best judgement when creating a visually balanced lock-up. For simple wordmark combinations, use the Afterpay Logo. For partner logos with complex shapes, use the Afterpay Badge.


The clearspace exclusion zone around a logo is designed to help a logo standout no matter where or how it’s being used. The clearspace around our logo lock-ups uses the size of the “X”, as shown below.

Wordmark horizontal Lock-up.

Badge horizontal Lock-up.

Wordmark Vertical Lock-Up

Badge Vertical Lock-Up