Now that you're an Afterpay partner, you can leverage our logo across your emails, website and socials to let customers know your business offers Afterpay.

We have rules on how to use the logo across your marketing materials. Following these rules will ensure you're using our brand in the right way and getting the most out of your Afterpay promotions.

Logo Lock-up.

The Afterpay logo lock-up consists of the Loop symbol and the custom wordmark - Afterpay. The wordmark should never be used independently. It must always appear as the full lock-up and only in the colors specified.

Alternative combinations below are allowed. Select the logo that has the most contrast to the background for optimal legibility. If the background of your website is light, use the black logo. If your website is dark, use the logo in white. The Afterpay Bondi Mint lock-up is only ever used on a black background.


Our Afterpay Badge is our second most important visual asset (behind our logo). It functions as a call to action across our merchants’ digital commerce platforms. It is only used in the four color combinations shown below.

Alternative versions below are allowed. Use version that will be most legible on your site. If your site has a light background, use the Black Badge options. If your website is dark, use the White Badge.

Minimum size.

It’s important that our logo is always visible even in the smallest of applications. Use the minimum sizes below for digital and print applications of the Afterpay Logo and badge.