Offer Afterpay internationally.

Telling your customers around the globe that they can Afterpay with you and pay in their local currency is a sure-fire way to drum up new business and attract much-wanted attention. Use your social media channels  to tell your customers that they can Afterpay with you from abroad. 

Here is some sample copy you can use in your posts.


We've opened our doors to international shoppers ๐Ÿ™Œ. Now you can checkout using Afterpay and pay in your local currency!* #AfterpayIt


<Brand name> is taking orders across the globe! ๐Ÿ˜ Now you can:

  • Checkout with us using Afterpay.
  • Pay in your local currency.
  • Pay it in 4 interest-free installments over 6 weeks.*

Note: Afterpay is a financial product so please add the appropriate disclaimer when promoting Afterpay to your customers.

Instagram, Tiktok & Snapchat : *See @afterpayterms for complete term.

Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest: *See https://bit.ly/AfterpayTerms for complete terms.


Social media assets.

Create stories and posts to tell customers that they can Afterpay with you from abroad and pay in their local currency. There are mint, black, and white versions available. Click on โ€˜View moreโ€™ to see different messaging options.

Designer tip:

When downloading an asset with transparency/blank space, simply add it as an overlay on your brand image using an image editing program such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop.

Tell customers you now offer Afterpay.